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Hirose DM3 Series Connectors for microSD Cards

Hirose offers three different connectors for applications needing microSD cards.

DM3AT/DM3BT "Push-Push" style of card ejection.
DM3C - Hinge style card connector with no ejection mechanism.
DM3D - "Push-Pull" card removal style

Common to the entire Series

  1. Extremely small size - Small external dimensions and the above-the-board height make the connectors the smallest on the market.
  2. Reverse card insertion protection - Unique card slot design (patented) protects the connector from damage when the card is attempted to be inserted in reverse, allowing it to re-inserted correctly.
  3. Effective ground and shield configuration - 4-connection points of the metal cover to the printed circuit board assures secure connection of the ground circuit and provides EMI protection.
  4. Rigid and strong construction - Despite its small size, high-strengths materials used in the connectors produced a strong and rigid structure.
  5. Card detection switch - The card detection switch is Normally Open

DM3AT and DM3BT (Push - Push, with ejection mechanism)

  1. Card fall-out prevention - Built-in card tray and the unique push insertion-push ejection mechanism (patented) prevent accidental card ejection or fall- out. Despite its small size the connectors will eject the card to a distance of 4.0 mm, allowing easy hold and removal of the card.
  2. Exposed termination leads - Easy inspection and rework of the solder termination joints.

DM3CS (Hinge, Push-Pull, manual, without ejection mechanism)

  1. Simple and reliable card insertion - Hinged metal cover provides location and guides the card during the insertion / removal. Closing of the cover confirms the electrical and mechanical connection with a tactile click sensation.
  2. Reliable contact with the card contact pads - Unique contact design and card slide action will clean the contact areas of the card.
  3. Accessible termination areas - Contact solder terminations may be inspected and reworked

DM3D (Push -Pull, manual, without ejection mechanism)

  1. Partial card insertion hold - Card will not fall-out even when it is not fully inserted. Full insertion and electrical / mechanical connection is confirmed with a distinct tactile feel.
  2. Accessible termination areas - An inner lead system that can be reworked is used in this design. Contact solder terminations may be inspected and reworked.
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DM3 Hirose DM3 Series

Typical applications: Mobile/cell phones, digital cameras, PDA's and other portable devices that need a small size-high reliability microSD/TransFlash memory card connector.

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