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Hirose Electric EnerBee™ Connectors

Hirose, a manufacturer in the development of innovative connector solutions, has developed the EnerBee family of small, high-power connectors for use in industrial power supply and other power-demanding applications such as servers, medical devices and home electronics. EnerBee connectors combine a compact space-saving design with high-end performance and current ratings from 5A to 50A. This versatile family ranges from 3.3mm to 10.16mm in pitch, and is available in board-to-board and wire-to-board versions, as well as a plastic relay type connector ideal for replacing terminal blocks. Multiple keying options, pin count, and latch styles are available to meet most any application requirement.

EnerBee connectors utilize a multiple contact point design with a positive mechanical lock mechanism to ensure reliable and secure connectivity in harsh environments. Many of the PCB connectors in this family are designed to prevent potting material from wicking into the terminal contact area.

The EnerBee connector family now consists of:

  • DF33C Series: 3.3mm pitch, maximum rated current 5A. Available in single and double row configurations. A two-point spring support contact structure stabilizes the connection and prevents contact fretting.
  • DF63 Series: 3.96mm pitch, maximum rated current 15A. Features high reliability with multi-contact points. Available in straight, right angle and in-line configurations.
  • DF22 Series: 7.92mm pitch, maximum rated current 30A. Four-point contact design; available in straight, right angle and in-line configurations.
  • DF60 Series: 10.16mm pitch, maximum rated current 45A. Highly reliable five-point contact design with independent contact springs. Available in straight, right angle and in-line configurations.
  • EM35 Series: relay type connector, maximum current rating of 50A, available in DIN rail or panel mount options. This series is an ideal for replacement for terminal blocks, improving assembly efficiency by eliminating hand wiring.


  • LED lighting
  • Office equipment
  • Medical devices
  • Robotics
  • Home electronics
  • Servers
  • Battery storage
  • Automotive
  • Industrial power supply and power sources

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EnerBee Brochure

DF33C Series

3.3mm Pitch, Maximum rated current 5A

Despite being the smallest sized EnerBee connector, the DF33C connectors meet the 1.5-mm* creepage distance as stipulated by the Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Act. Suitable for potting processes (resin filling) up to 6.5-mm in height. Widely used as a compact connector for internal power supplies.
*After potting


3.3 mm Pitch Small Size Connectors for Internal Power Source

  • 5 Amps capacity
  • Secure lock mechanism
  • Incorrect mating prevention
  • Accurate board placement
  • Supports resin sealing
  • Short circuit prevention
  • Excellent contact retention
  • Prevents solder cracking
  • Easy mating operation
  • Glow Wire compliance (Compliant with IEC 60695-2-11)

DF33C Catalog (.pdf)

DF63 Series

3.96mm Pitch, Maximum rated current 15A


In Addition to the EnerBee's core functions of "compact and high-end performance" the DF63 is also very user friendly. The center locking mechanism enables high density mounting and saves valuable PCB space.


15A 3.96mm pitch Wire-to-Board Connectors for Internal Power Supply

  • Rated for up to 15A
  • Secure mating and clear tactile click
  • Prevents incomplete insertion of the crimp contact
  • Prevents incorrect mating
  • Reverse mounting prevention to PCB
  • Molded lance design
  • Short-circuit prevention
  • Suitable for potting
  • Solder crack prevention
  • Glow Wire compliance (Compliant with IEC 60695-2-11)

DF63 Catalog (.pdf)

DF22 Series

7.92mm Pitch, Maximum rated current 30A

The DF22 series is compact on size, but big on current capacity. The most popular EnerBee connector with a long sales history and wide customer appeal. Variations such as keying, pin count and latch styles, are available to allow the connector to be matched to the application at hand.


7.92mm Contact Pitch High-Current Connectors for Internal Power Supplies (UL, C-UL and TÜV Listed)

  • Rated up to 30A
  • Positive Locking Function
  • Prevention of Incorrect Connections
  • Molded-in contact retention tabs
  • Prevention of incorrect board placement
  • Supports resin sealing
  • Prevention of Short Circuits between Adjacent Contacts
  • Increased Retention Force of Crimped Contacts
  • Full Line of Crimp Socket Contacts
  • In-line Connections
  • UL, C-UL, and TÜV Certified.
  • Glow Wire compliance (Compliant with IEC 60695-2-11)

DF22 Catalog (.pdf)

DF60 Series

10.16mm Pitch, Maximum rated current 45A


With its high power and large current capability, the DF60 Series is the most compact connector we offer for this level of current. It features a multi-point contact structure with a center lock mechanism and offers increased operability with high reliability when connecting to main power sources.


45A 10.16 mm pitch Wire-to-Board Connectors for Internal Power Supply

  • High current capacity
  • Secure lock mechanism ensures complete mating
  • Highly reliable 5-point contact structure
  • Molded lance design
  • Mis-insertion prevention for headers
  • Prevention of solder cracks
  • Design Prevents short-circuits between contacts
  • Compliant to UL, C-UL and TÜV specifications
  • Glow Wire compliance(Compliant with IEC 60695-2-11)

DF60 Catalog (.pdf)

EM35M Series

Maximum rated current 50A, Plastic Connector for Power Supplies

A relay type connector with the largest current capacity in the EnerBee family, the EM35M series is commonly used for wiring on larger devices. The EM35M series are good choices when replacing terminal blocks, since they can eliminate hand wiring and drastically improve assembly efficiency. They are also capable of being mounted on both DIN rails and panels.


High Current, Plastic Power Supply Connectors

  • 4-positions with high current capability (three-phase power supply and ground)
  • Easy crimp termination
  • Standard tooling available
  • Sequenced mating
  • Snap-in lock is easy to operate
  • Attachment Styles
  • Ten keying combinations possible
  • Meets approved safety standards

EM Catalog (.pdf)

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