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Lumex's New High-Intensity Blue And White LED PC Board Indicators Provide Designers With More Options

PALATINE, IL -- Lumex is announcing the availability of its new blue and white PC board indicators as an expansion of its PC board indicators line. Based on Lumex's leading LED technology, these high-intensity devices give designers alternatives to conventional PC board indicators and existing right-angle SMT conventional products. They provide right-angle light sources that are brighter and are elevated 3.5 mm off the surface of the circuit board. Available in both through-hole and surface-mount packages, these blue and white colors offer extra impact in terms of color and off-the-board height when used in networking, computer, factory automation or test equipment applications, or anywhere board-level status and fault indicators or solid-state backlighting is needed. Lumex is the first supplier to office these options in LED indicators.

The SSF-LXH103xx Series includes the through-hole versions. These devices contain a right-angle mounted T3 LED whose center is raised 5.08mm (0.20 inch) off the circuit board. The narrow 4.60mm (0.18 inch) width of these devices facilitates their being ganged horizontally. The blue version has a light intensity of 80mcd at If = 20mA, with a viewing angle of 60?. The white version has a light intensity of 500mcd at If = 20mA, with a viewing angle of 30?.

The SSF-LXH305xx Series includes the surface-mount technology (SMT) versions. These two-piece SMT indicators also house a right-angle mounted T3 LED. But unlike other similar SMT indicators in which the LED must be mounted flush against the circuit board the Lumex unit positions the centerline of the LED 3.5mm (0.14 inches) above the PC board. This gives designers the installation ease of the SMT package plus the design flexibility afforded by the off-board location. Lumex's SSF-LXH305xx Series is designed to handle IR reflow soldering techniques and they are available on standard 24mm (0.95 inch) tape for automated insertion. The blue version has a light intensity of 80mcd at If = 20mA, with a viewing angle of 60?. Two white versions are available, reflecting the use of clear or white diffused lenses. They have a light intensity and viewing angle of 800mcd / 30? (clear lens), and 400mcd / 60? (diffused lens).

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