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Molex CP 6.5 Wire-to-Board Connectors

Molex introduces the "New" CP-6.5 Wire-to-Board Connector Series.

Molex's CP-6.5 Wire-to-Board Connector Series offers a fool-proof interconnect systems that provide quick, easy identification of mated pairs in their wire-to-board applications. Molex's 6.50mm wire-to-board receptacles and PCB headers have color-coded housings to differentiate mating possibilities. Connectors with mismatched colors do not mate. Unique keying features within each header and receptacle housing prevent entry of receptacle into header when mis-mated.

Features and benefits include:

  • Wide spectrum of housing colors that allows quick identification of mating combination for assembly and repair
  • Polarization keys on housing rub, which eliminate mis-mating and consequent electrical shorting of application
  • Positive lock feature on housing that produces an audible click when fully mated
  • Kinked soldertails that provide added header-to-PCD retention during solder reflow
  • Absence of drain-holes in PCD headers, which ensure compatibility with conformal coating
  • Headers are 260° C wave-solder-process capable that is ideal for high-temperature assembly processing


  • Consumer/Home Applications
    • Washing machines
    • Water heaters
    • Air-conditioners
  • Industrial/Industrial Automation
    • Industrial controls
    • HVAC
    • Copiers
    • Vending machines
    • Security systems

Part Number View Inventory
151048 Vertical PCB Headers
151049 Receptacle Housings
50597 Receptacle Terminals, AWG 16 to 22, diameter 3.30 to 2.00 mm
50598 Receptacle Terminals, AWG 20 to 26, diameter 2.35 to 1.25mm
51143 Retainer

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