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Molex Product News

Lite-Trap™ and Mini Lite-Trap™ Connector System

Lite-Trap™ and Mini Lite-Trap™ SMT, Wire-to-Board Connector System - Molex

Ideal for thin LED lighting-module applications, Molex's Lite-Trapô and Mini Lite-Trapô SMT wire-to-board connectors offer the lowest profile options available for wire-removable types, with an easy-to-use push-button latch and low-profile top-and-bottom entry styles for reduced shadowing.

The termination method of Molex's Lite-Trap connector system is similar to Molex's Wire Trap connectors, and also to certain competitive "Poke-In" style versions. A stripped wire is inserted into the connector and pushes open a gate-style terminal that "traps" the wire. To unmate, a button-style lever on the housing top can be pushed down manually - eliminating the need for a separate tool - to allow the wire to be disengaged. This feature provides easy field assembly and removal by both trained or untrained operators.

With profile heights as low as 2.65mm, Molex's Lite-Trap connectors offer an ultra-thin profile to prevent shadowing in LED lighting applications. The system also offers lower wire insertion force than similar types.

Other features of the Lite-Trap connector system include a housing design that accepts more insulation-length range than competitive designs. This provides more stable wire seating for electrical contact assurance. The dual-contact wire-trap clamp design provides further mating assurance.




Features and Benefits:

  • Ultra-low profiles - Meet needs of thin LED modules and other compact applications
  • Low-profile top-and-bottom entry styles Provide reduced shadowing effects for LED applications
  • Low wire insertion and high wire retention forces enables easy wire insertion; provides secure contact retention
  • User-friendly push-button latch - Ensures easy wire extraction
  • Dual-contact gate-style terminal design - Enables secure electrical contact and high wire-retention force
  • Long wire insulation design - Provides stable wire placement for additional contact assurance
  • Compact industry-standard PCB pattern layout - Saves space and is drop-in compatible with certain competitive products
  • Wire stopper feature - Facilitates correct wire insertion depth placement


  • Lighting - Down Light, Strip Light
  • Factory Automation Equipment
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Any application requiring an easy-to-use wire insertion/extraction method
Part Number View Inventory
104266-0110 Bottom Entry Lite-Trap Conn - 1CKT
104266-0210 Bottom Entry Lite-Trap Conn - 2CKT

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