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Molex Product News

MXP120™ Sealed Connector System

The MXP120™ Sealed Connector System is a high-performance 1.20 mm terminal in-line connection system for automotive and commercial vehicles. The use of 1.20 mm terminals minimizes the connector interface and connector package size versus larger 1.50 mm terminals while offering more current carrying capacity and robustness in assembly than is possible with the use of 0.64 mm terminal systems.

Connectors in yellow housings are validated to meet T3-V2-S2 performance level for in-vehicle safety system applications. Black housings with standard USCAR polarisation options will follow. These housings are being validated to meet T4-V4-S3 specifications (per GMW3191) for high-performance (temperatures up to 155°C/vibration up to 300 m/s²) for use in space-constrained powertrain applications.

Features and Benefits Include:

4.00mm pitch connection system based on 1.20mm terminals Meets medium-power application requirements up to 13.0A
Suitable for most sealed harnessing applications
Single wire seal (SWS) connection system with robust perimeter seal Withstands high-pressure spray environments
Reduced package size when compared to existing 1.50mm connection system Offers significant space-savings for confined design parameters
Accommodates wire gauges up to 1.00mm² Limits connector pitch to 4.00mm with SWS
Compatible with AK or USCAR interface; designed using worldwide AK cavity definition Globally accepted and marketable
Female receptacles feature long shrouds for 1 by 4 circuit and above (short shrouds for below 1 by 4 circuit) Ensures all circuit sizes and keying options are scoop proof
Female receptacles with Independent Secondary Locking (ISL)
Male blade connectors with Primary Lock Reinforcement (PLR)
Ensures efficient terminal positioning and detection of partial installation
Female receptacles feature integral locking-latch with bridge protection and audible click Secure mating performance
Avoids damage to the latch during packaging and transit

Part Number View Inventory
34899-2020 1.2MM SLD ASSY BLD 1X2 7CS BLK KEYA/02
34899-2021 1.2MM SLD ASSY BLD 1X2 7CS LTGY KEYB/02
34899-3020 1.2MM SLD ASSY BLD 1X3 7CS BLK KEYA/03
34899-3021 1.2MM SLD ASSY BLD 1X3 7CS LTGY KEYB/03
34899-3040 1.2MM SLD ASSY BLD 1X3 11CS BLK KEYA/03
34899-4025 1.2MM SLD ASSY BLD 1X4 7CS BLK KEYF/04
34899-4026 1.2MM SLD ASSY BLD 1X4 7CS LTGY KEYG/04
34899-6020 1.2MM SLD ASSY BLD 1X6 7CS BLK KEYA/06
34899-6060 1.2MM SLD ASSY BLD 1X6 11CS BLK KEYA/06
348992010 1.2MM SLD ASSY BLD 1X2 YEL KEYA/02
348992011 1.2MM SLD ASSY BLD 1X2 YEL KEYB/02
348996010 1.2MM SLD ASSY BLD 1X6 YEL KEYA/06
348996011 1.2MM SLD ASSY BLD 1X6 YEL KEYB/06
34900-2120 1.2MM SLD ASSY RCPT 1X2 BLK KEYA/02
34900-2121 1.2MM SLD ASSY RCPT 1X2 BLK KEYB/02
34900-3120 1.2MM SLD ASSY RCPT 1X3 BLK KEYA/03
34900-3121 1.2MM SLD ASSY RCPT 1X3 BLK KEYB/03
34900-4125 1.2MM SLD ASSY RCPT 1X4 BLK KEYF/04
34900-4126 1.2MM SLD ASSY RCPT 1X4 LTGY KEYG/04
34900-6119 1.2MM SLD ASSY RCPT 1X6 MID BLK KEYA/06
34900-6140 1.2MM SLD ASSY RCPT 1X6 BLK KEYA/06
349002001 1.2MM SLD ASSY RCPT 1X2 YEL KEYA/02
349002002 1.2MM SLD ASSY RCPT 1X2 YEL KEYB/02
349006010 1.2MM SLD ASSY RCPT 1X6 YEL KEYA/06
349006011 1.2MM SLD ASSY RCPT 1X6 YEL KEYB/06

"New" from Molex: sealed connectors designed to perform in harsh environments. The MXP120™ Sealed Connector Series can also replace common 1.50mm systems in space-constrained safety-restraint, body electronics and power-train applications.

Additional Features and Benefits:

Offers significant space-savings for confined design parameters, compatible with AK and USCAR interfaces which confirms global acceptance and marketability, meets power requirements up to 13.0A, IP68 rated, RoHS Compliant and Halogen Free.

Applications Include:

Sealed applications in automotive and commercial vehicles:
Black Outer Housings:
Body electronics connections in wet areas T3-V1-S2 with tin terminals; T3-V2-S2 with silver terminals:
  • Exterior lighting
  • Turn signals (indicators)
  • Door-lock mechanisms
  • Powertrain (T4-V4-S3 - 155°C high-vibration for severe applications, high-pressure jets)
  • Fuel injection
  • Emission controls
  • Ignition coil
Yellow Outer Housings:
Safety systems T3-V2-S2 125C on-engine vibration:
  • Supplemental Inflatable Restraints (SIR)
  • Safety Restraint Systems (SRS)
  • Seat-belt pretensioners
  • Airbags - steering wheel / side / curtain



See also:
MXP120 Sealed Connector System (.pdf) for more product information, specifications, applications and ordering information.

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