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Molex Product News

Molex Antenna Solutions

Based on diverse manufacturing and RF technologies, Molex standard antennas offer high performance and ease of integration for demanding wireless applications spanning the industrial, consumer, medical and automotive markets.

The development of M2M, IoT and consumer wearable technologies placed new requirements on antenna design and performance with space, cost and speed-of-integration as key components of advanced wireless manufacturing. Growing demand for dual-band, multi-band, ultra wide band, GPS and Cellular antennas with combo capabilities that reduce engineering support at component level design right through to how easily these antennas connect to the radio devices they operate with, determine the justification of their deployment in these applications. Molex's expanding array of antenna solutions address present connectivity requirements with anticipated support for revolutionary communications of the future.

LTE Cellular Antennas

GNSS/GPS Antennas

Industrial, Scientific and Medical (ISM) Antennas

ISM Standalone Antennas combine high RF performance with ease of integration over 433, 868 and 915 MHz bands for advanced industrial, scientific and medical devices. Note, the 868 and 915 MHz frequencies cover popular LoRa and Sigfox protocols

Near Field Communication (NFC) Antennas

An easy peel-and-stick design enables fast integration for optimum performance whether on metal or non-metal substrate applications. Used for RFID, Quick Pay, and rapid machine-to-machine synch and data exchange applications.

Internet of Things (IoT) Antennas: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Zigbee

Enable fast and easy integration into connected systems, such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Zigbee and WLAN devices, while ultra-thin Ceramic and LDS/MID Antennas are ideal for embedding internet and data connectivity in compact devices

External Antennas

Cabled External Antennas offer best-in-class RF performance in ruggedized thermoplastic enclosures that are resistant to moisture, extreme thermal conditions, shock and vibration for convenient mounting in a range of locations.

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