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Molex Product News

Molex FiT Connectors

Molex introduces the FiT Connectors that offer power delivery and power distribution in wire-to-wire, wire-to-board and board-to-board configurations. Molex's FiT family of power connectors, which includes the Nano-Fit™, Micro-Fit 3.0™, Ultra-Fit™, Mini-Fit® and Mega-Fit®, offer maximum design flexibility, space savings and long-term reliability. These connectors can be modified, customized or adapted to meet any application need.


Find the Right Fit for Your Power Needs
Nano-Fit™, Micro-Fit 3.0™, Ultra-Fit™, Mini-Fit® and and Mega-Fit® Connectors:

Molex FiT Family Comparison

FiT Families Specifications:

  • TPA (Terminal Position Assurance) retainer: ensures terminals are fully seated in the housing to reduce terminal back-out and retains terminals if main retention features fail
  • Glow Wire Compliant: meet all safety and environmental requirements mandated by
  • IEC-60335 and IEC-609695
  • Available in Tin and Gold-plated versions
  • Available in UL 94V-0

FiT Families:

  • 6.5A Nano-Fit™ - Provide fully protected header terminals in a small package
  • 8.5A Micro-Fit 3.0™ - Support low to mid-range power application needs
  • 14.0A Ultra-Fit™ - Multiple mechanical keying and color-coded options
  • 13.0A Mini-Fit® - Higher-current/higher-density applications requiring design flexibility
  • 23.0A Mega-Fit®- Provide more power per linear- and square-millimeter than other mid-range power connectors in the industry.

Features & Benefits:

  • Positive Locking
    • Ensures mated connector assemblies will not accidentally disengage
    • Indicates the operator that the part is fully mated through audible clicks
    • Protects latch from damage due to wire snags
  • Scoop Proof
    • Prevents damage to terminals and header pins if parts are mated at severe angle
    • Reduces cost of damage parts
  • Fully Isolated Contacts
    • Provides excellent pin-to-pin electrical and mechanical isolation
    • Protects against potential shortage and damage of the header and receptacle terminals during handling and mating
    • IP20 touch proof adds safety during handling
  • Polarized and Keyed
    • Ensures header and receptacle cannot be mismated
    • Provides visual indication of the proper mating connector
    • Improves assembly speed with color-coding logic
  • Multiple Points of Contact
    • Offers redundant and secondary current paths over the life of contact
    • Ensures proper and long-term performance and reliability
  • Reflow Capable Headers
    • Headers made of high-temperature LCP materials that can withstand 2650C IR reflow processes
    • Reduces processing costs
    • Allows a single process to solder the board
    • Eliminates the need for wave soldering

Molex FiT Family Comparison

FiT Features & Dimension Comparisons

FiT Family Features


FiT Family Dual Row



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