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Omron Product News

Omron Probe Pin XP3A Series

OMRON announces the development and release of the new XP3A Probe Pin, used for inspection of electronic components. The designers of the Probe Pin used their expertise in electroforming technology to create a product that exhibits superior characteristics, difficult to achieve with conventional cutting and stamping processes.


  • Mono-frame construction: Consists of a single integrated structure, versus four components used to create standard probe pins.
  • The spring and relay are separated, providing a stable resistance and greater durability.
  • The electroformed Probe Pins use a flat structure, allowing positioning the pins at any angle.
  • The head of the Probe Pin that contacts the component under test is available in four different shapes; 1 point, 2 point, 3 point or Round.
  • Single pin contact resistance does not exceed 100 mΩ, per Probe Pin.
  • Can be inserted into test sockets or fixtures with round or rectangular holes.

Target Applications:

Probe Pins are used primarily in equipment used to test electronic components and Integrated Circuits using a BGA or LGA package.

Product Positioning

The construction of the XP3A Probe Pins provide higher reliability, repeatability and durability versus conventionally produced Probe Pins. Their flat structure provides more flexibility when used within test equipment because it allows positioning the pins at any angle. The electroforming process allows the top and bottom terminals to be formed into a variety of shapes, easily.

See also:
XP3A Datasheet (.pdf) for more product information, specifications, applications and ordering information.

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