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Omron Product News

OMRON Press Release: New Flip Bar Design on OMRON's Flexible Printed Circuit Connector Reduces Work Time and Increases Productivity

SCHAUMBURG, IL (June 8, 2000)óOMRONís new flexible printed circuit connectors feature a user-friendly design with the flip bar locking tab mounted on the back of the connector. This design shortens work time and eliminates the possibility of the bar disconnecting.

This unique design allows the flip bar not to disconnect if the FPC is lifted. Unlike a conventional rotary locking connector, the steps for OMRONís FPC connector are simply to mount the connector, insert the FPC and lock the flip bar. This reduces work time to mount FPCs and assembly productivity is improved compared to the conventional rotary locking type since a release of the flip bar is unnecessary.

The FPC connector also has double-sided contacts, eliminating the need to discriminate between the FPC upper and lower contacts. The connector commonness makes it unnecessary to distinguish between the upper and lower contacts when connecting upper and lower PCBs.

The FPC connector accepts standard flat flexible cable 0.3mm thick. It is available in 10, 20, 24, 30, 35, 40, 45 and 50 pole models. Its ambient temperature range is Ė30 C to 85 C.

OMRONís New FPC Connector

The FPC connectors are available in 0.5mm pitch rotary lock type, 0.5mm pitch ZIF (Zero Insertion Force) slide type, ultra low profile connector (SMT terminal) side entry non-ZIF type and non-ZIF type.

Typical applications for the FPC connector include pagers, analog/digital cell phones, personal digital assistants, laptops, printers and scanners.

For more information on FPC connectors and the full line of OMRON products, contact Heilind Electronics at (800) 400-7041.

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