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Omron Product News

Tactile Switches

Tactile Switches, Single point of contact Domes and Dome Arrays provides crisp tactile feedback for panel, keypad and product input designs, when coupled with an appropriate actuator. Choose one of Omron's B32 keycap for use with a projected plunger Tactile Switch. Alternatively, you can design your own actuator or overlay for use with the Switches or Dome Arrays.


  • Choose from Through-hole and Surface Mount Tactile Switches
  • Wide Range of Operating Forces
  • Radial Taped or Bulk packaging
  • Top or Side Actuated Tactile Switches
  • B3U - - smallest SMT tactile switch!

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  • High operating force version available (OF = 3.5 N (356 gf)).
  • Extended Service Life of 1 million operations.
  • Long stroke achieved by using a rubber plunger.
  • RoHS Compliant


  • Bright, Uniform illumination in SPST-NO (momentary) configuration
  • Keycap option includes LED color match, transparant or opaque white
  • Monocolor illumination, with 1 or 2 LED's
  • Tricolor operation possible - - Red + Green LED's produce Orange when used with white cap
  • Dust tight internal switch mechanism
  • RoHS Compliant


  • Industry's smallest tactile switch. (As of Oct. 2006, according to internal Omron survey)
  • Dust Proof Construction provides high reliability
  • Surface Mount Design, ideal for high density mounting
  • Available with or without ground terminal
  • Available with or without PCB locating boss
  • ROHS Compliant


  • New B3SL rated up to 90C, with two different actuator heights
  • Sealed construction allows immersion-cleaning of the PC board with the tactile switches mounted and soldered
  • Ground terminal available to protect against static electricity (B3S)
  • Ideal for applications such as audio, office and communications equipment, TVs, etc
  • Tape packaging also available (add "P" to the end of the part number)


  • Ideal tactile switch for surface mounting
  • Compact and more than 1 mm thinner than conventional tactile switches
  • Available with ground terminals for protection against static electricity
  • Sealed construction conforms to IP64 (IEC-529) and provides high reliability in dusty or humid environments
  • Add P to the end of the part number for Tape/Reel packaging


B32 Keytop

  • Long mechanical / electrical service life
  • Ideal for applications such as audio, office and communications equipment, TVs, etc
  • Taped radial, vertical, high-force, and gold-plated contact type models available
  • Flux-tight base structure allows easy soldering onto a PC board


B3FS 6x6mm

B3FS-4 12x12mm

B32 Keytop

  • Available in 6x6 mm and 12x12 mm sizes
  • Tape packing style available
  • Allows for reflow soldering, designed for no-clean process
  • Incorporates a snap-action contact mechanism that ensures crisp switching operations
  • Add P to the end of the part number for Tape/Reel packaging


B32 Keytop

  • Available in two sizes: 6x6mm (B3W-1) and 12x12mm square (B3W-4)
  • Ideal for applications such as audio, office and communications equipment, measuring instruments, industrial robots, VCRs, TVs, and vending machines Stick (magazine) packaging style available
  • Sealed for CFC (Freon) cleaning
  • Allows the use of radial-taping part insertion machines


  • Compact 8 x 8 mm size
  • Allows the use of radial-taping part insertion machines
  • Conforms to IEC529, IP67


  • Hook-type hinge construction
  • Available with up to 2 LED Indicators
  • Integral Keycap is available in a variety of colors


  • Long stroke of 0.85mm provides improved operability
  • Light touch with a minimum overstroke of 0.25mm
  • Extended service life, up to 2 Million operations, minimum


  • Available in a wide range of colors and sizes
  • RoHS Compliant

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