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Panduit Product News

PAT 4.0 Automatic Cable Tie Installation System

The Panduit PAT 4.0 Automatic Cable Tie Installation System allows manufactures to stay competitive by increasing output, reducing lead times and meeting customer expectations. The PAT 4.0 Cable Tie System addresses all of these challenges manufacturers face by introducing a series of next generation features and functionality to transform wire bundling and assembly.

PAT 4.0 Cable Tie Installation System

The PAT 4.0 Cable Tie System drives productivity through industry leading cycle times that are 25% faster than other automatic cable tie systems, which provide maximum bundling productivity that is six times that of conventional manual cable tie installations. The user friend icon-based LCD touch screen simplifies user navigation and provides intuitive help screens to improve troubleshooting and minimize the learning curve for operators, which keeps your work force dynamic and productive. The lightweight Ergonomic Tool Head reduces operator fatigue and maximizes maneuverability while minimizing the risk of repetitive motion injury commonly associated with manual cable tie installation tools.

Panduit's PAT 4.0 Cable Tie System can be configured for factory network communication, industrial control applications, and robotics integration through data interface and electronic interface.



  • Tool heads for several bundle diameters allow a user to apply cable ties to a maximum bundle diameter of 0.82”, 1.31”, 1.94”, and 2.75”, in three tensile strengths for application flexibility and versatility.
  • Ergonomic, lightweight tool head reduces operator fatigue and repetitive motion injuries to increase productivity.
  • Continuously molded cable ties in reels containing up to 5,000 ties-per-reel provide continuous feeding and quick reel changes to reduce downtime and maximize efficiency.
  • The user friendly LCD touch screen display allows for easy user navigation through icon based menus and multiple language options.
  • A microprocessor-based controller monitors system performance through an LCD touch screen display and provides production data and reporting, including error detection and cycle count for improved reliability.
  • Data interface allows systems monitoring and an asset tracking option to maximize system performance.
  • Utilizes the PAT system electronic interface option to optimally integrate the PAT system to a robot for a completely automated manufacturing process.


  • Harnessing
  • Assembly
  • Fastening
  • Packaging

Target Industries:

  • Alternative Power, Fuel & Energy
  • Appliance & Climate Control
  • Automotive
  • Banking & Office Systems
  • Computer & Telecommunications
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Gaming & Vending Systems
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Lighting, Signs & Displays
  • Medical
  • Military
  • Power Generation


Part Number View Inventory
PAT1M4.0 PAT1M4.0, PDM4.0 & PHM3
PDM4.0 PAT 4.0 Cable Tie System Dispener



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Panduit's PAT 4.0 Automatic Cable Tie Installation System (.pdf) for more product information, specifications, applications and ordering information.

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