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TE Connectivity

Madison Cable - Innovative Cable Assembly Solutions

TE Connectivity (TE)'s Madison Cable are specialty cables custom-engineered for precision signal integrity and harsh environments across many industries. Our Madison Cable bulk copper cable is manufactured for high quality, to meet your expectations and industry specifications. Our quick-response design and quoting process allows us to make-to-order with low minimum order quantities and short lead times-perfect for high mix, low volume needs. Our engineered solutions make use of a wide range of materials, consist of broad product capabilities and offer comprehensive and extensive UL and CSA approvals.

TE's Madison Cable products deliver innovative custom cable solutions. Offering industry solutions with high speed cable designs, video coax cables, industrial and commercial, and IDC ribbon cable, all of our products are designed to be flexible and reliable. With conductor sizes from 33 to 4 AWG, Madison's highly differentiated products can be found in a variety of applications.

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Coax Cable

A recognized technology leader with world-class design, manufacturing, sales and support, TE is your global RF Coax solutions partner.

TE offers a broad range of coaxial cable assembly interconnects.

Our line includes industry leading brand names such as AMP, Greepar, Raychem, Microdot, Precision Interconnect, and TE. We have integrated these into one cohesive set of coaxial products serving the automotive, broadband, medical, instrumentation, military/aerospace, and wireless infrastructure markets.

The general and electrical performance of our Cheminax coaxial cables are designed to solve interconnect problems in electronic system, including computers, military equipment, and other areas of high-density packing, where cables are required to perfom more exacting specifications. TE's Raychem advanced materials technology allows us to design and develop Cheminax miniature coaxial cables that offer substantial savings in size and weight while improving mechanical performance and reducing attenuation.

Cables can be designed that are either smaller and lighter than standard RG and UR cables or provide significantly lower attenuation and capacitance with no significant increase in sizeBelow are the key characteristics. Note: Temperature rating varies depending on materials used in specific construction.

  • Conductor range 12 AWG to 30 AWG
  • Operating temperature range* -65°C to 200°C [-85°F to 392°F]
  • Impedance range 50 ohms to 125 ohms
  • Dielectric constant 1.65 - 2.3
  • Velocity of propagation 67% - 80%

Twisted Pair Cable

Twisted Pair CableOur InfiniTwist products - manufactured through our Madison Cable product family - allow for a tighter bend radius for improved cable management in high-density systems. The twisted pair design also helps to dramatically reduce termination issues associated with pistoning. The cables are inherently balanced and provide better mechanical reliability than parallel pair products. InfiniTwist cables are well suited for environments where flexibility, flex life and bend radius are concerns.

Our InfiniTwist family of high-speed cables is designed to out-perform parallel pair designs in bend radius, flexibility, reliability, time delay skew and mode conversion (SCD21). Using a twisted shielded pair design, InfiniTwist products allow for a tighter bend radius for improved cable management in high-density systems. The twisted pair design also helps dramatically reduce termination issues associated with pistoning and the cables are inherently balanced and provide better mechanical reliability than current parallel-pair products.

Available in constructions of 1 to 36 pairs and above, the InfiniTwist product family uses conductor sizes of 34 AWG to 24 AWG. The cables can be manufactured in both 85 and 100 Ohm impedance and support transmission speeds up to 16 Gbps and beyond. This performance allows them to be used in applications such as InfiniBand SDR, DDR, QDR, and FDR - 1X, 4X AND 12X, 10G/40G/100G Ethernet (1X, 4X, 10X), SAS 6, AND 12 Gb/s, SFP+, QSFP+, CXP, CR4, CR10, 16 Gb/s Fibre Channel and other custom applications as specified by customer requests.

  • Constructions of 1 to 36+ pairs, 1X, 2X, 4X, 8X, 12X
  • Conductor sizes of 32, 30, 28, 26 and 24 AWG available
  • 85-100 Ohm impedance available
  • Support transmission speeds up to 16 Gbps and beyond

TurboTwin, from TE's Madison Cable

The TurboTwin cable designs are built utilizing proven parallel pair constructions. These designs allow for customization with regards to pair locations, drain wire orientation, and pair identification. Providing a slightly smaller diameter cable than a similar InfiniTwist cable design, the TurboTwin product family of products is well suited for applications that do not require concerns about cable flex life or bend radius.

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