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Pressure Sensors

TE Pressure Sensor

We design and manufacture pressure sensors ranging from the sensing element to system packaging for harsh environments. We are an industry leader for our range of both standard and custom pressure sensors, from board level components to fully amplified and packaged transducers.

TE manufactures pressure transducers using sensor technologies that produce accurate, repeatable results with long-term stability. Transducers can be configured in gage, sealed gage, vacuum, absolute and differential pressures. With seven standard materials, TE pressure transducers are built to withstand the corrosive properties of many liquids and gases as well as harsh external environments. Various configurations also hold certifications to the latest international standards for use in hazardous locations. When standard products do not suffice, TE will work to design a semi-custom or custom pressure transducer to meet and exceed customer expectations.

Board Level Pressure Sensors

TE Pressure Sensor

TE offers a variety of board level pressure sensor packages to cover a broad range of applications and industries. Our board level pressure sensors include gage, absolute, differential, and compound pressures (ranging from0-2 to 30 inches H2O and 0-1 to 500psi).

Sensor packages include ceramic and plastic SMD, ceramic leaded and TO cans. From low power analog to digital signal conditioning, TE offers designs for applications including: PCB mount, altimeters, pneumatic controls, medical devices, HVAC airflow and airspeed.

Media Isolated Pressure Sensors

TE Media Isolated Pressure Sensor

TE Sensor Solutions manufactures media isolated pressure sensors for a variety of applications. Mechanically, these sensors are available with various process connections, diameters, and materials. Sensors can be configured in various pressure ranges as well as gage, vacuum gage, absolute, and differential pressure. With millivolt, analog, and digital output signals, combined pressure and temperature signals, the TE portfolio of sensors further enhances the ability to select the best option for the application.


TE Sensor Solutions

TE's sensor solutions offer a portfolio of intelligent, efficient, and high-performing connectivity and sensor solutions that are used for customers across multiple industries.

Advanced pressure measurement capabilities

Based on piezoresistive Microelectromechanical (MEMS) and silicon strain gauge (Microfused, Krystal Bond) technology, our sensors measure everything from inches of water column (<5 mbar) to 100K psi (7K bar). Sophisticated design and advanced manufacturing techniques create reliable cost-effective solutions for medical, HVACR, off-road, heavy equipment and general industrial applications. We manufacture one of the world's lowest power and smallest package pressure sensors for altimeter/NAV applications. Our sensors are signal conditioned, calibrated over temperature and include digital or analog outputs.

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