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TE Connectivity

Cable and Wiring Identification

TE Connectivity offers complete cable and wiring identification and labeling solutions across industries and applications. Designed for the most rigorous indoor or outdoor use, you can choose from an array of flexible options including adhesive-backed labels, heat-shrinkable sleeves, cable markers and hardware/software systems for onsite customization. TE pioneered the heat-shrinkable printable markers and when used in conjunction with our printing system you can be assured of a reliable solution that will stand up to the harshest environments.


  • WINTOTAL v7 is the latest version of TE Identification software, designed for simple and easy use when printing on TE heat-shrink sleeves, cable markers, and labels. This software series supports high quality wire and harness identification and label printing applications. WinTotal v7, combined with TE product, printer and ribbon, creates a high quality identification asset that can be used in harsh environments. WinTotal v7 supports unicode, which allows for multilingual text to be printed on the label, using any or all of the languages required. Superseding WinTotal v6, WinTotal v7 lets the customer design and print on TE Ident products using Windows 10 computers
  • WinTotal Version 6 - TE Connectivity's WinTotal software - version 6 is a software series that supports high quality wire and harness identification and basic labelprinting applications. WinTotal v6 software has a number of new features and benefits, and works with all current TE identification products and printers - making it an even more powerful and user-friendly identification and labelling solution.


  • ZHD - The ZHD is a new and versatile cable identification product that is the first low fire-hazard and diesel-resistant cable identification solution. TE's ZHD combines these two features into one product and will allow manufactures to standardize and simply cable identification.

  • Q-CEE - TE's Q-CEE offers innovative label designs in a variety of colors, legends, styles and sizes and unique solutions to protect labels from oil, solvent and chemical exposure.

  • Solar Identification Labels - TE's Solar Identification Labels are made to adhere to the National Electric Code (NEC) and are designed to withstand harsh outdoor environments. The solar labels can be exposed to rain, intense sunlight, UV rays, snow, ice, cold temperature, sand, salt spray and condensation from fog. The solar labels meet the requirements of the IEC 61215 / IEC 61646.

  • Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive Labels - The PSA labels for safety, warning and electrical identification feature permanent adhesion and are protected by a lamination that offers excellent resistance to abrasions, fluids, dirt and stains.

Cable Applied Tags

  • UV-SCE Sleeves - TE Connectivity has developed the rugged wire and cable UV-SCE marker sleeve. This innovative solution preserves the integrity of sleeve markings on wires, cables and tubes outdoors under prolonged and extreme exposure to ultraviolet (UV) and harsh weather conditions. This product is suitable for wire and cable environments where resistance to extreme UV and weather conditions is needed.

  • WM-SCE Heat-Shrinkable Marker - TE's newest heat-shrinkable wrap-around marker is designed for permanent cable identification. The thin and flexible wrap-around marker has a hot melt adhesive on the reverse side that when heat activated creates a permanent bond at the point where the material overlaps. As the wrap-around marker is made of a radiation cross-linked polyolefin, the material will shrink upon heat activation to conform to the contours of any substrate.

Cable Applied Shrinkables

  • D-SCE Fluid Resistant Identification Sleeves- TE Connectivity's D-SCE Fluid Resistant Identification Sleeves are used to identify wires and cables where exposure to organic fluids, especially oils, is required. TE's D-SCE sleeves are designed to operate in elevated temperatures for extended periods of time, making them ideal in aerospace, rail and marine industries.

  • TMS-SCE Military Grade Heat Shrinkable Wire Identification Sleeves - TE's thin-walled, heat shrinkable tubing is assembled as organized cut sleeves in either a ladder configuration or continuous tubing. The tubing itself is made of flame-retarded, cross-linked modified polyolefin. This product is available in 3:1 and 2:1 shrink ratios. With TE's TMS-SCE solution, identification of wires and cables by computer-based printing onto sleeves can easily be realized. The TMS-SCE sleeves can also provide terminal insulation and strain relief. This heat shrink tubing is suitable for a wide variety of applications including aerospace, military and general rail applications.

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