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TE Connectivity

Corcom IEC Inlet RFI Filter IH Series

TE Connectivity introduces the Corcom IEC inlet RFI filter IH series to suppress electromagnetic interference (EMI) conducted in equipment used in medical environments requiring C18 ungrounded inlets. These RFI filters are also suitable for use in laboratory, test and measurement equipment. TE Connectivity Corcom IEC Inlet RFI Filter IH Series

TE's Corcom filter IH series enables medical equipment manufacturers to comply with the international standard IEC 60601-1, which sets specific safety requirements to equipment designed for home use. These filters also adhere to the stringent safety standards and are classified as meeting 2MOPP requirements (two means of patient protection, also referred to as double insulated). TE's RFI filters help attenuate EMI in the frequency range between 150 KHz and 300 MHz, as required by FCC Part 15 and EN55011 and EN 55022 standards.

The filtered inlets integrate a notch into the inlet to make it compatible with V-Lock locking cords. This feature helps minimize accidental disconnection of the power cord from medical device. The TE Corcom filter IH series is available with snap-in mounting for quick installation or with flanges for extra-rigid mounting.

Feature & Benefits:

  • Meet IEC 60601 leakage current requirement through an IEC 60601 compliant filter
  • Help eliminate accidental power disconnection of equipment through V-Lock cords
  • Help save installation time through an integrated cord lock that installs and operates without additional parts or tools
  • Protect against radiated emissions through a shielded filter assembly
  • Support in minimizing equipment size with a small, compact filter

Target Markets:

  • Medical


  • Laboratory Equipment
  • Medical Equipment
  • Test and Measurement Equipment

Part Number View Inventory
10CHS1 1-6609114-4 10CHS1 S0=F7830
10EH4 6609013-5 10EH4=F7435 S0
10EHG1-2 6609116-4 10EHG1-2=F8225
10EHT3 1-6609053-0 10EHT3=F7668 S0
10EHZ1 3-1609037-0 10EHZ1=F8355
10EJH8 3-6609008-1 10EJH8=F8049
10EJHS8 2-6609008-5 10EJHS8=F8170
10EJMS8 2-6609985-1 10EJMS8=F8203
10IHE1 6-1609157-8 10IHE1=F8465
10IHS1 6-1609157-4 10IHS1=F8461
10MV1 6609056-3 10MV1=F7758 S0
15EH4 6609013-7 15EH4=F7697 S0
15EHZ1 3-1609037-1 15EHZ1=F8356
15EJH8 3-6609008-2 15EJH8=F8053
15EJHS8 2-6609008-6 15EJHS8=F8171
15EJMS8 2-6609985-2 15EJMS8=F8204
15IHE1 6-1609157-9 15IHE1=F8466
15IHS1 6-1609157-5 15IHS1=F8462
1CHS1 6609114-2 1CHS1 S0=F7827
1EHG8-2 1-1609117-4 1EHG8-2=F8289
1EJH8 2-6609008-8 1EJH8=F8037
1EJHS8 2-6609008-2 1EJHS8=F8167
1EJMS8 1-6609985-8 1EJMS8=F8200
20EJH8 6609009-5 20EJH8=F8140
3CHS1 6609114-6 3CHS1 S0=F7828
3EHG8-2 1-1609117-5 3EHG8-2=F8290
3EHT3 6609053-2 3EHT3=F7662 S0
3EJH8 2-6609008-9 3EJH8=F8041
3EJHS8 2-6609008-3 3EJHS8=F8168
3EJMS8 1-6609985-9 3EJMS8=F8201
3IHE1 6-1609157-6 3IHE1=F8463
3IHS1 6-1609157-2 3IHS1=F8459
3MV1 6609056-1 3MV1=F7756 S0
5EHM1S 1-6609130-3 5EHM1S=F8115
5EHM4S 1-6609130-5 5EHM4S=F8117
6EH4 6609013-1 6EH4=F7287 S0
6EHL1S 6609123-1 6EHL1S J0=F7419
6EHL4 6609123-5 6EHL4 J0=F7420
6EHL4CM 6609123-7 6EHL4CM J0=F7469
6EHT3 6609053-6 6EHT3=F7665 S0
6EHZ1 2-1609037-9 6EHZ1=F8354
6EJH8 3-6609008-0 6EJH8=F8045
6EJHS8 2-6609008-4 6EJHS8=F8169
6IHE1 6-1609157-7 6IHE1=F8464
6IHS1 6-1609157-3 6IHS1=F8460
PE0S0DH3A 4-6609929-5 PE0S0DH3A=C2259
PE0S0DH3B 6609103-5 PE0S0DH3B=C1220
PE0S0DH6A 4-6609929-8 PE0S0DH6A=C2262
PE0S0DHXA 4-6609929-1 PE0S0DHXA=C2255
PE0S0DHXB 4-6609929-2 PE0S0DHXB=C2256
PS0S0DH6A 3-6609106-3 PS0S0DH6A=C1181
PS0S0DH6B 4-6609106-8 PS0S0DH6B=C1290

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TE Connectivity Corcom IEC Inlet RFI Filter IH Series (.pdf) for more product information, specifications, applications and ordering information.

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