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D-SCE Fluid Resistant Identification Sleeves

TE Connectivity's D-SCE Fluid Resistant Identification Sleeves are used to identify wires and cables where exposure to organic fluids, especially oils, is required. TE's D-SCE sleeves are designed to operate in elevated temperatures for extended periods of time, making them ideal in aerospace, rail and marine industries. The fluid resistant identification sleeves are suitable for use in environments with temperatures of -55°C to +135°C (-67°F to +275°F), and will provide strain relief, insulation and protection from mechanical abuse.TE Connectivity D-SCE Fluid Resistant Identification Sleeves

The D-SCE Fluid Resistant Identification Sleeves save time with a complete print system optimized for ease of use and printing onto the sleeves. The sleeves increase the operator efficiency with printing output on D-SCE's formatted ladder design. The D-SCE sleeves also meet the requirements of SNCF specification NF F 00608 Categories A & H and BS EN50343 Appendix H and also meets the material and performance requirements of SAE-AMS-DTL-23053/6 Class 1.

Features & Benefits:

  • Save time with a complete print system optimized for ease of use
  • Address the need for clear and durable printed markers with oil resistant markers that withstand elevated temperatures
  • Offer market leading print clarity and resistance that meet the strictest industry standards
  • Offer a large portfolio with products that meet all known wire sizes
  • Increase operator efficiency with printed output on D-SCE's formatted ladder design
  • Dot matrix and thermal printable - both print technologies meet all specifications and approvals list
  • 3:1 shrink ratio

Target Markets:

  • Rail
  • Military
  • Aerospace
  • Industrial


  • Rail rolling stock
  • Military fuel installations
  • Aircraft
  • Petrochemical installations

Part Number View Inventory
D-SCE-1K-12-50-4 D-SCE-1K-12-50-4 372389-000
D-SCE-1K-12-50-9 D-SCE-1K-12-50-9 317639-000
D-SCE-1K-12-50-S1-4 D-SCE-1K-12-50-S1-4 646331-000
D-SCE-1K-12-50-S1-9 D-SCE-1K-12-50-S1-9 405309-000
D-SCE-1K-18-50-4 D-SCE-1K-18-50-4 762261-000
D-SCE-1K-18-50-9 D-SCE-1K-18-50-9 105715-000
D-SCE-1K-18-50-S1-4 D-SCE-1K-18-50-S1-4 7827770001
D-SCE-1K-18-50-S1-9 D-SCE-1K-18-50-S1-9 740569-000
D-SCE-1K-2.4-50-4 D-SCE-1K-2.4-50-4 147547-000
D-SCE-1K-2.4-50-9 D-SCE-1K-2.4-50-9 F21848-000
D-SCE-1K-2.4-50-S1-4 D-SCE-1K-2.4-50-S1-4 650913-000
D-SCE-1K-2.4-50-S1-9 D-SCE-1K-2.4-50-S1-9 F53327-000
D-SCE-1K-25-50-4 D-SCE-1K-25-50-4 872083-000
D-SCE-1K-25-50-S1-4 D-SCE-1K-25-50-S1-4 9809850001
D-SCE-1K-25-50-S1-9 D-SCE-1K-25-50-S1-9 816090-000
D-SCE-1K-3.2-50-4 D-SCE-1K-3.2-50-4 5266190001
D-SCE-1K-3.2-50-9 D-SCE-1K-3.2-50-9 A36937-000
D-SCE-1K-3.2-50-S1-9 D-SCE-1K-3.2-50-S1-9 A35215-000
D-SCE-1K-38-50-4 D-SCE-1K-38-50-4 949459-000
D-SCE-1K-38-50-9 D-SCE-1K-38-50-9 475683-000
D-SCE-1K-38-50-S1-4 D-SCE-1K-38-50-S1-4 129501-000
D-SCE-1K-38-50-S1-9 D-SCE-1K-38-50-S1-9 E52724-000
D-SCE-1K-4.8-50-4 D-SCE-1K-4.8-50-4 3490750001
D-SCE-1K-4.8-50-S1-4 D-SCE-1K-4.8-50-S1-4 6310810001
D-SCE-1K-4.8-50-S1-9 D-SCE-1K-4.8-50-S1-9 E62181-000
D-SCE-1K-6.4-50-4 D-SCE-1K-6.4-50-4 5572350001
D-SCE-1K-6.4-50-9 D-SCE-1K-6.4-50-9 F94420-000
D-SCE-1K-6.4-50-S1-4 D-SCE-1K-6.4-50-S1-4 9791650001
D-SCE-1K-6.4-50-S1-9 D-SCE-1K-6.4-50-S1-9 707112-000
D-SCE-1K-9.5-50-4 D-SCE-1K-9.5-50-4 919385-000
D-SCE-1K-9.5-50-S1-9 D-SCE-1K-9.5-50-S1-9 412575-000

See also:

TE Connectivity's D-SCE Fluid Resistant Identification Sleeves (.pdf) for more product information, specifications, applications and ordering information.

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