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TE Connectivity

M12 Rail PG Clamp Connector Series

TE Connectivity introduces a comprehensive range of M12 rail connectors for field assembly. With 360° EMI/RFIshielding, the M12 receptacle connectors have fully shielded housings and are pre-assembled for ease of TE Connectivity M12 Rail PG Clamp Connector Seriesuse. TE's M12 rail PG clamp series consists of both male and female connectors with D4, A5 and A8.

The M12's flange system, with shielding disc and flange, along with its full metal housing, provides secure 360° EMI/RFI shielding. This also provides a safe cable shield transfer-to-the-device solution without the risk of interruption caused by vibration or shock.

TE's M12 Rail PG Clamp Connector Series offers the smallest field assembled M12 connector on the market that can successfully assemble in a tight, restrictive space.

Features & Benefits:

  • Achieve quick and easy assembly due to the low number of components
  • Secure 360° EMI/RFI shielding with flange technology and full metal housing
  • Accommodates large cable diameter range from 4-9mm allowing for a large number of cables to be used with just 1 connector
  • Attain successful assembly in tight restrictive spaces with the smallest field assembled M12 connector on the market
  • Enable applications in ruggedized systems with IP67 waterproofing

Target Markets:

  • Rail
  • Industrial


  • Rail Data Networks
  • Rail Sensors Networks
  • Rail Rain Door Control Systems
  • Rail HVAC Systems
  • Trackside Control Systems

Part Number View Inventory
2118713-2 STD SHIELD COVER, CRS-14.06X13.10X2.00MM
2118714-2 STD SHIELD FRAME, CRS-13.66X12.70X2.54MM
2118715-2 STD SHIELD COVER, CRS-16.90X16.90X2.00MM
2118716-2 STD SHIELD FRAME, CRS-16.50X16.50X3.60MM
2118717-2 STD SHIELD COVER, CRS-26.71X26.71X2.00MM
2118718-2 STD SHIELD FRAME, CRS-26.21X26.21X5.08MM
2118719-2 STD SHIELD COVER, CRS-32.50X32.50X2.00MM
2118720-2 STD SHIELD FRAME, CRS-32.00X32.00X6.00MM
2118721-2 STD SHIELD COVER, CRS-38.60X25.90X2.00MM
2118722-2 STD SHIELD FRAME, CRS-38.10X25.40X6.00MM
2118723-2 STD SHIELD COVER, CRS-37.33X34.18X2.00MM
2118724-2 STD SHIELD FRAME, CRS-36.83X33.68X5.08MM
2118725-2 STD SHIELD COVER, CRS-44.97X44.97X2.00MM
2118726-2 STD SHIELD FRAME, CRS-44.37X44.37X9.75MM
2118727-2 STD SHIELD COVER, CRS-29.96X19.10X2.00MM
2118728-2 STD SHIELD FRAME, CRS-29.36X18.50X7.00MM
2118729-2 STD SHIELD COVER, CRS-44.60X31.10X2.00MM
2118730-2 STD SHIELD FRAME, CRS-44.00X30.50X3.00MM
2118731-2 STD SHIELD COVER, CRS-51.30X38.60X2.00MM
2118732-2 STD SHIELD FRAME, CRS-50.80X38.10X5.08MM

See also:
TE Connectivity M12 Rail PG Clamp Connector Series (.pdf) for more product information, specifications, applications and ordering information.

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