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TE Connectivity

Standard Board Level Shielding (BLS) Portfolio

TE Connectivity introduces their new Standard Board Level Shielding (BLS) portfolio, which provides customers with shorter time to market, weight savings, and improved thermal conductivity. TE's BLS products are ideal for 2-in-1 notebooks, game consoles, routers, point of sale (POS) equipment, wireless meters, wearable devices, Internet of TE Connectivity Standard Board Level ShieldsThings (IoT) devices, servers and other applications where weight, thermal performance and electronic magnetic shielding are crucial.

Along with standard cold-rolled steel material, TE's Standard Board Level Shielding includes aluminum material options, which are one-third the weight of steel. This feature offers extreme weight savings while still offering similar EMI suppression capabilities. Aluminum options provide up to five time better thermal conductivity than CRS material to help keep a device or a system's shielded components running cooler.

Now offering an on-demand standard BLS portfolio, TE also offers common design features and options for every customized BLS project to fit your exact design requirements.

Features & Benefits:

  • Two-piece solution (minimum 0.85mm height)
  • One-piece solution (minimum 0.7mm height)
  • Standard portfolio on-demand in CRS and aluminum material
  • Core competencies of stamping, plating and automation
  • Streamlined, automated and continuous production line
  • Improve speed to market with parts available on-demand
  • Minimize crosstalk and reduce EMI susceptibility with new standard product offering
  • Reduce weight with aluminum options that are 1/3 lighter than cold rolled steel (CRS) material while offering similar EMI suppression
  • Provide improved heat dissipation with up to 5 times better thermal conductivity than standard CRS material with aluminum options

Target Markets:

  • Consumer
  • Business Retail Equipment (BRE)
  • Wireless Infrastructure
  • Data Communication
  • Industrial


  • Convertible notebooks
  • Game consoles
  • Routers (commercial)
  • Point of Sale (POS) equipment
  • Wireless meters
  • Wearables
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Servers
  • Routers (enterprise)
  • Control panels
  • Wireless sound systems
  • Drones

Part Number View Inventory
2118713-2 STD SHIELD COVER, CRS-14.06X13.10X2.00MM
2118714-2 STD SHIELD FRAME, CRS-13.66X12.70X2.54MM
2118715-2 STD SHIELD COVER, CRS-16.90X16.90X2.00MM
2118716-2 STD SHIELD FRAME, CRS-16.50X16.50X3.60MM
2118717-2 STD SHIELD COVER, CRS-26.71X26.71X2.00MM
2118718-2 STD SHIELD FRAME, CRS-26.21X26.21X5.08MM
2118719-2 STD SHIELD COVER, CRS-32.50X32.50X2.00MM
2118720-2 STD SHIELD FRAME, CRS-32.00X32.00X6.00MM
2118721-2 STD SHIELD COVER, CRS-38.60X25.90X2.00MM
2118722-2 STD SHIELD FRAME, CRS-38.10X25.40X6.00MM
2118723-2 STD SHIELD COVER, CRS-37.33X34.18X2.00MM
2118724-2 STD SHIELD FRAME, CRS-36.83X33.68X5.08MM
2118725-2 STD SHIELD COVER, CRS-44.97X44.97X2.00MM
2118726-2 STD SHIELD FRAME, CRS-44.37X44.37X9.75MM
2118727-2 STD SHIELD COVER, CRS-29.96X19.10X2.00MM
2118728-2 STD SHIELD FRAME, CRS-29.36X18.50X7.00MM
2118729-2 STD SHIELD COVER, CRS-44.60X31.10X2.00MM
2118730-2 STD SHIELD FRAME, CRS-44.00X30.50X3.00MM
2118731-2 STD SHIELD COVER, CRS-51.30X38.60X2.00MM
2118732-2 STD SHIELD FRAME, CRS-50.80X38.10X5.08MM

See also:
TE Connectivity Standard Board Level Shielding (.pdf) for more product information, specifications, applications and ordering information.

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