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Corcom EJT Power Inlet Filter for Professional Equipment Markets

TE's new Corcom EJT Power Inlet Filter

TE Connectivity (TE) introduces the Corcom EJT power inlet filter, a device which improves the performance of Corcom EJT Series IEC inlet filters for high frequency applications. This new filter extends the flange around the IEC320-C14 inlet, helping to reduce the amount of radiated radio frequency (RF) through potential gaps. TEs EJT series provides improved EMI filter performance up to 1 GHz, where typical EMI filters are designed to perform up to 30 MHz. The improved performance of the EJT series comes from a unique circuit design and an internal construction technique to attenuate frequencies above 30 MHz.

Key Benefits:

  • Realize improved shielding EMI filter performance up to 1 GHz
  • Help obtain higher insertion loss throughout the entire frequency range with an extended flange design
  • Design and build products for global usage with an inlet filter that complies to IEC 320

Electrical, Materials and Mechanical:

  • Available in 1A, 3A, 6A, 10A, 15A and 20A current ratings (20A with standard flange)
  • Rated to 250 VAC Hipot rating (one minute):
    • Line to Ground: 2250 VDC
    • Line to Line: 1450 VDC
  • IEC sockets: glass-filled PBT with plated brass terminals
  • Jackets (enclosures): nickel-plated, low-carbon steel
  • Terminations: plated-brass terminals and PVC-insulated wire
  • Flange mounted for easy installation
  • Available with wire leads or 6.3mm (.250ft) spade terminals


  • Test equipment
  • Medical diagnostics
  • Communication equipment
Part Number View Inventory
2-6609006-1 1EJT1
2-6609006-2 3EJT1
2-6609006-3 6EJT1
2-6609006-4 10EJT1
2-6609006-5 15EJT1
2-6609006-6 1EJT8
2-6609006-7 3EJT8
2-6609006-8 6EJT8
2-6609006-9 10EJT8
3-6609006-0 15EJT8
4-1609157-0 3EJT1F
4-1609157-1 1EJT1F
4-1609157-2 6EJT1F
4-1609157-3 10EJT1F
4-1609157-4 15EJT1F
4-1609157-5 1EJT8F
4-1609157-6 3EJT8F
4-1609157-7 6EJT8F
4-1609157-8 10EJT8F
4-1609157-9 15EJT8F

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