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TE Connectivity





Customize Mobile and Portable Device Designs

TE Connectivity ARINC 600 TE Connectivity (TE) announces the launch of three low-profile block connectors, including the 0.3H block SIM card connector, the 0.3H block side-entry SIM card connector and the 0.3H block micro SD card connector, new additions to TE's SIM card connector portfolio for smartphones, wearables, and other mobile devices. The block solution in these new connectors provides OEMs with the flexibility to create customized model designs for mobile and portable devices requiring SIM and micro SD card capability.

Subscriber identity modules (SIM) and universal identity module (UIM) cards are widely used in a variety of mobile applications, including billing, security, and number storage purposes in mobile devices. The SIM card parameters are defined by ISO, ETSI, and GSM standards. TE's outstanding technological capability can help you provide a user-friendly experience by ensuring excellent reliability and durability of SIM connectors. In addition, TE has the ability to fabricate very high volume products in a cost efficient, lean manufacturing process.

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  • Enable design flexibility and cost efficiency of a card connector without fixed metal shells and other custom components
  • Help increase durability with an anti-buckling contact design
  • Help ensure circuit connection with card detect switch using the block SIM card connector option
  • Provide additional space for the battery while enhancing the dual-tray design with the side-entry SIM connector option


  • Mobile Phone
  • Wearables
  • Tablets
  • Personal computers
  • Wireless keyboard
  • Bluetooth speaker
  • Palm size projector
  • Portable battery pack
  • Portable memory device
  • Data cards
  • Portable GSM modems
  • Servers

Target Markets:

  • Consumer Devices
  • Data Communications

Download the product guide below for summary specifications on the varieties of SIM card connectors. In addition to summary information about each SIM card connector type-push-push, push-pull, tray, and block-this guide offers illustrations and specifications (part number, picture height range, length x width, description, features and benefits, and status) for mini SIM (2FF) and micro SIM (3FF) cards, by type, with size comparisons.

See also:
SIM Card Connector Series Brochure (.pdf) for more product information, specifications, applications and ordering information.

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