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TE Connectivity

AMPOWER Terminals and Splices

TE Connectivity's (TE) AMPOWER terminals and splices provide a high quality solution that is designed specifically for large cables and leads to deliver maximum conductivity, excellent mechanical strength and electrical performance. TE's AMPOWER terminals and splices made from seamless tubular copper are ideally suited for power generation TE Connectivity's AMPOWER Terminals and Splicesand distribution on a wide range of applications using stranded copper wire with cross-sections between 6 AWG and 1000 MCM for terminals and up to 1500 MCM for splices available in a variety of styles.

With compression crimping, TE offers a reliable technology that is completely mechanical and controllable from first to last crimp, eliminating variables common to other crimping methods, such as melting temperatures, flux composition, entrapped gases or oxidation. TE's AMPOWER terminals and splices are ideally suited for power generation and distribution in rail, mass transit, power transmission and military markets.

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Features & Benefits:

  • Versatility: Stranded wires when crimped, become almost a homogeneous mass with the AMPOWER terminal or splice barrel
  • Strength: AMPOWER terminals have formidable strength and resistance to vibration suitable for their intended use
  • Economy: An important part of all AMPOWER products is low installed cost.
  • Conductivity, corrosion resistance and temperature rise
  • Positive inspection: AMPOWER terminals and splices are supplied with inspection slots in the barrel
  • Broad wire size range: Covering wire sizes from 6 AWG to 1000 MCM (13 to 507 mm2) - for terminals and up to 1500 (760mm2) for splices
  • Proven, reliable power connection throughout the total lifecycle of the application


  • Rail
  • Mass transit
  • Power transmission
  • Military
  • Off-highway

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TE Connectivity AMPOWER Terminals and Splices (.pdf) for more product information, specifications, applications and ordering information.

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