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TE Connectivity





Internal Mini SAS HD Connectors and Cable Assemblies Save Space in Data Communications

TE Connectivity's (TE) internal Mini-SAS HD connectors and cable assemblies are 30% smaller than conventional internal Mini-SAS interconnects, saving you precious PCB space. The internal Mini-SAS connector is a 12 Gbps high-density, high-speed interface capable of supporting an aggregate data rate of 48 Gbps per connector (12 Gbps x 4 lanes) with a version capable of transferring an aggregate data rate of 192 Gbps. Additionally, the connector has been adopted by SAS 2.1 and SAS 3 specifications, and supports direct passive and active copper cable assemblies.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Enable high density and high speed with aggregate data transfer of 192 Gbps (12 Gbps x 16 lanes)
  • Save space with 0.75mm contact pitch, 30% smaller than conventional Mini-SAS connectors
  • Support faster installation with press-fit, pre-assembled, one-piece connector; and keying for proper plug orientation
  • Provide flexibility with plug options for direct passive and active copper cable assemblies and a stacked board interface with 36 positions per 1x1 footprint
  • Achieve additional PCB retention with optional screw mounts
  • Allow for variations of 85 and 100 Ohm impedance options with connector contact design

Electrical, Mechanical & Materials

  • Signal integrity performance meets SAS-2.1 at 6 Gbps and SAS-3 at 12 Gbps requirements
  • Voltage rating: 30 volts AC
  • Current rating: Signal application only
  • Cable assemblies are compliant to SAS 2.1 and SFF-8643
  • Plug insertion force: 50N Max
  • Plug extraction force: 25N Max
  • Latch retention: 50N Min
  • Durability: 250 cycles
  • Cables compliant to SFF-8643 mini-multilane interface specification
  • Cable construction consists of 8 differential pairs bundles 2 cables with 4 pairs in each cable
  • Receptacle housing: LCP
  • Contacts: Copper Alloy
  • Chicklets: LCP
Part Number View Inventory
2227580-1 2x1 QSFP Outer LP Up Down
2227581-1 2x1 QSFP Inner LP Up Down
2227582-1 2x1 QSFP Outer Inner LP Up Down
2227595-1 2x1 QSFP No LP
2227640-1 2x1 QSFP Outer LP Down Up
2227642-1 2x1 QSFP Inner LP Down Up
2820328-2 C/A, INTERNAL HD MINI SAS, 100 OHM, R/A
2820328-4 C/A, INTERNAL HD MINI SAS, 100 OHM, R/A

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