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Product News

FASTON Terminals

TE Connectivity's FASTON terminals provide quick application, uniform reliability and reliable connections at a low cost. These features have made FASTON connector products an industry leader in the appliance and automotive industries. With over 60 years of experience providing quick connections to customers, TE Connectivity strives to introduce new and improved products to add to their product line.TE Connectivity FASTON Terminals

TE Connectivity's commitment to innovation and continuous improvement allows the FASTON terminal product line to remain the leader in the industry. The product line has recently added an expanded range of low insertion force terminals, high temperature terminals and low profile terminals. A complete line of application tooling has been developed specifically for FASTON terminals. Crimping dimensions for each terminal are precisely controlled so all connections are identical in performance.


Receptacle & Tabs Product Line:

  • Flag Receptacles: Flag receptacles are a reliable termination for applications where space is a critical factor. These receptacles have a mating tab which is a right angle to axis of conductor.
  • Straight Receptacles: Straight receptacles are created with or without insulation. Receptacles with insulation have diameters of .040-.230.
  • Wire Crimp Tabs: These tabs are specifically designed for line splices and other special applications. Wire Crimp Tabs can be applied to 22-14 AWG wire with "F" crimp termination and have insulation support.
  • Printed Circuit Board Tabs: Designed for PCB hole insertion and permanent fixing through soldering.
  • Board Mount Tabs: Available in all series. The mounting process for board tabs utilizes rivets or screws through stud holes. TE offers board mount tabs in 90 degree configurations and angled versions.
  • Locking Action and Contact Area: Designed to increase contact surfaces and lock tabs and receptacles at the proper insertion depth for firm retention.


  • Insulated and uninsulated
  • Straight and flag configurations
  • Stress relieved receptacles
  • Various plating options
  • Positive Lock connector solutions
  • High temperature solutions
  • Application tooling

Materials & Finishes:

  • Phosphor Bronze Plain: Used in applications where brass would normally corrode - such as ammonia.

  • Brass Plain: Used frequently where applications have optimal environmental conditions.

  • Steel Nickel Plated: Allows for reliable connections at high temperatures. Suitable for appliance applications.

  • Brass / Phosphor Bronze Silver Plated: Silver plated connections allow the highest operating temperature and higher current carrying capacity corroded. Suitable for ammonia.

  • Brass / Phosphor Bronze Tin Plated: Tin plating of receptacle and tab improves operation at higher temperatures, and in addition helps to protect the connection against corrosion.


Forces for Crimp Pull-Out Tensile Strength, FASTON Terminals

Maximum tensile strength of the wire to terminal connection does not ensure reliable electrical performance. An acceptable compromise between maximum tensile strength and electrical stability is recommended. Tensile strength is usually much greater than the force required to disconnect the tab from the receptacle.

The forces shown for the crimp pull out test represent the minimum force required to separate the wire from the crimped terminal in an axis parallel to the wire exit direction from the contact. This force does not include the holding force of the insulation crimp.

Forces for Crimp Pull-out Test (UL-310 Specification)
Wire Size
Minimum Force
AWG (mm2) pounds N
22 0.32 8 36
20 0.52 13 58
18 0.82 20 89
16 1.3 30 133
14 2.1 50 223
12 3.3 70 311
10 5.3 80 356


  • Washing machines
  • Dryers
  • Electric and gas ranges
  • Wall ovens
  • Dishwashers
  • Refrigeration
  • HVAC

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