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TE Connectivity Solar Solutions

TE Connectivity is a leading manufacturer of electronic components and solutions for alternative energy. Their growing presence in the photovoltaic industry is backed by our innovative, extensive, and high quality products to meet your individual needs.

Heilind Electronics is a leading distributor of electronic components to industrial OEMs and contract manufacturers. Our warehouses have the industry's largest inventory of interconnect products from industry-leading manufacturers. Our high-quality products for the solar industry include a wide selection of standard and semi-custom solutions:

  • Connectors
  • Fiber optics
  • Sensors
  • Relays, Switches and filters
  • Wire and cable
  • Identification and tooling
  • Combiner Boxes
  • Junction Boxes
  • Couplers
  • Grounding Products

TE Connectivity SOLARLOK 2.0 Inline Splice

TE Connectivity's (TE) SOLARLOK 2.0 Splice is a tool-less field installable product using Insulation Displacement Contact (IDC) technology. Offering the installer an easy, quick and reliable connection from the PV Cable to the PV Panel. This meets the latest solar PV needs. SOLARLOK 2.0 Splice is available in both male and female versions and are gel-filled, which is a unique feature in the solar market to ensure IPx8 water ingress protection.

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TE SOLARLOK 2.0 Connector

SOLARLOK 2.0 is a field-installable product that uses Insulation Displacement Contact (IDC) technology to create a connection between panels and cables without the need for any specialist tooling. The connectors incorporate a closed-spring-cage to ensure constant termination force. Cables do not have to be stripped prior to making a connection, making installation approximately 80 percent faster than with standard PV DC connectors that contain multiple components and crimp contacts. Because no custom tools are needed, installation is quick and easy, and total system costs are significantly lower. SOLARLOK 2.0 connectors are available in both male and female versions and are gel-filled, which is a unique feature in the solar market to ensure IPx8 water ingress protection.

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TE SOLARLOK PV4-S Connectors

TE's SOLARLOK PV4-S connector is an upgrade to the industry leading SOLARLOK PV-4 connector to meet a minimum 1500 volt rating with IP68 protection. The SOLARLOK PV-4S has been tested to assure reliable and safe connections of solar arrays. The connectors use industry standard crimp tooling that is readily available and used by installers today.

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TE SOLARLOK PV Edge Decentralized Junction Box

TE Connectivity�s (TE) SOLARLOK PV Edge decentralized junction box is the first clamping and non-potting junction box in the market using the edge as a relevant position for the mounting without hole drilling. The flaps (available in different shoulder heights) protect the foils and the user so it is a pure IEC & UL approved 1500V solution. Due to a clamping and non-potted design, the installation is extremely quick and no curing time delay of >6hrs applies

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TE Connectivity (TE) introduces the Potter & Brumfield T9S Power PCB relay with 1.8mm contact gap. Primarily designed for solar applications, the extended contact gap of this relay provides better isolation and allows for usage in higher elevation environments. Other applications include EV chargers, washing machines, dryers and safe power supply disconnections. This relay is UL recognized and VDE approved and allows coil holding voltage reduction down to 4.7 V.

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TE Solar Identification Warning & Rating Label Product Line Extended

Labels are manufactured using ultraviolet (UV) resistant ink, permanent acrylic adhesive and base material designed to withstand environmental elements. A laminate is added to provide additional protection against prolonged UV exposure. The labels can be exposed to rain, intense sunlight, UV rays, snow, ice, cold temperature, sand, salt spray and condensation from fog. The solar labels meet the requirements of the IEC 61215 / IEC 61646.

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UV-SCE Ultra-Violet light, Resistant Heat Shrink Identification Marker Sleeves

UV-SCE is designed specifically to allow customer to identify wires and cable in outdoor environments where some exposure to UV light is possible. The assembled and configured heat shrinkable UV-SCE marker sleeves provide outstanding physical performance, mark permanence and excellent legibility, ensuring long-term, outstanding performance of the TE cable identification service.

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SOLARLOK Grounding Bolt

These bolts are designed for solar module grounding applications using solid copper uninsulated 6 AWG to 12 AWG wire, or stranded copper uninsulated 6 AWG to 10 AWG (7 or 19 strands) wire. The grounding assembly consists of a wire bolt (wire slot on one end and threaded post on the other), wire binding hex nut, and mounting lock washer nut. The grounding assembly is used with metal�framed photovoltaic (solar) panels and related products that require grounding for safety reasons.

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