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TE Connectivity

HDC IP68 Anti-Corrosion Hoods and Housings

TE Connectivity introduces heavy duty connector IP68 anti-corrosion hood and housings that are made of die casted aluminum alloy. Connections in harsh environments and industrial applications often face exposure to humidity, salt, detergents, fertilizers, UV exposure, temperature shocks or mechanical vibrations; even in these challenging environments, connections must be reliable. The stainless-steel locking system, compliant with other leading solutions used in the field today, offers excellent shock and vibration resistance. TE's hoods and housings have been confirmed to be anti-corrosion up to 500 hours of salt spray exposure, making them an excellent choice for your industrial applications.

Features & Benefits:

  • Protect your connections in harsh environments with corrosion resistant hoods and housings, confirmed up to 500 hours salt spray testing
  • Decrease downtime with a robust design that is resistant shock and vibrations


  • Outdoor use on the rail roofline sub-systems
  • Washing facilities for rail vehicles
  • Wind-turbine-brakes or blade adjustment systems
  • Industrial transportation
  • Industrial construction machinery
  • Mining equipment
  • Packing machines for the food industry

Part Number View Inventory
T1900100232-009 H10BPR-TS/GH-2M32-EMC-C
T1902100225-009 H10BPR-TS/GHC-2M25-EMC-C
T1902164025-109 H16BPR-TG/SHC-M40/M25-EMC-C
T1910060125-009 H6BPR-TSH-M25-EMC-C
T1910100125-009 H10BPR-TSH-M25-EMC-C
T1910160132-009 H16BPR-TSH-M32-EMC-C
T1910240140-009 H24BPR-TSH-M40-EMC-C
T1912060120-009 H6BPR-TSHC-M20-EMC-C
T1912100125-009 H10BPR-TSHC-M25-EMC-C
T1912160132-009 H16BPR-TSHC-M32-EMC-C
T1912240132-009 H24BPR-TSHC-M32-EMC-C
T1912240140-009 H24BPR-TSHC-M40-EMC-C
T1920030113-009 H3APR-MTG-PG13.5-EMC-C
T1920060132-009 H6BPR-TGH-M32-EMC-C
T1920100140-009 H10BPR-TGH-M40-EMC-C
T1920160132-009 H16BPR-TGH-M32-EMC-C
T1920240132-009 H24BPR-TGH-M32-EMC-C
T1920240325-009 H24BPR-TGH-3M25-EMC-C
T1922060132-009 H6BPR-TGHC-M32-EMC-C
T1922100116-009 H10BPR-TGHC-PG16-EMC-C
T1922100132-009 H10BPR-TGHC-M32-EMC-C
T1922160132-009 H16BPR-TGHC-M32-EMC-C
T1922240140-009 H24BPR-TGHC-M40-EMC-C
T1927030116-009 H3APR-MTGSW-PG16-EMC-C
T1930030000-009 H3APR-MAG-EMC-C
T1930060000-009 H6BPR-AG-EMC-C
T1930100000-009 H10BPR-AG-EMC-C
T1930160000-009 H16BPR-AG-EMC-C
T1930240000-009 H24BPR-AG-EMC-C
T1932060000-009 H6BPR-AGC-EMC-C
T1932100000-009 H10BPR-AGC-EMC-C
T1932160000-009 H16BPR-AGC-EMC-C
T1932160001-009 H16BPR-AGCT-EMC-C
T1932240000-009 H24BPR-AGC-EMC-C
T1937030000-009 H3APR-MAGSW-EMC-C
T1950100132-009 H10BPR-SGRH-M32-EMC-C
T1990060000-009 H6BPR-KDB-EMC-C
T1990100000-009 H10BPR-KDB-EMC-C
T1990160000-009 H16BPR-KDB-EMC-C
T1990240000-009 H24BPR-KDB-EMC-C

See also:
TE HDC IP68 Anti-Corrosion Hoods and Housings (.pdf) for more product information, specifications, applications and ordering information.

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