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Introducing M12 Rail Cable Connectors

Reduce service time and cost with easier access to thread grip. Reach up to 10 Gb/s connections with a heigh speed rugged industrial connection.

TE Connectivity's (TE) newly expanded M12 connector system, designed for railway (EN45545) and automation industry applications, provides a solution that safely and reliably helps ensure communication in harsh environments. With an IP67 rating and compliance that meet essential rail standards, this rail engineered product is fast to assemble in the factory or in the field. TE's crimp flange technology and machined crimp contacts provide 360o EMI/RFI shielding as well as torsion and vibration proof cable strain relief. The M12 bulkhead connectors, with the fully shielded housing, are pre-assembled. For the secure automatic wave soldering process of the conductors, versions with pre-assembled wire clip are available.


  • Reduce installation time, compared to gland sealed connectors, with easy-to-use field installable technology
  • Reduce service time and cost with easier access to thread grip
  • Reach up to 10 Gb/s connections with a high speed rugged industrial connection
  • Design for applications exposed to harsh environments and extreme temperatures


  • CCTV
  • Door controls
  • Passenger information systems
  • Inverter/converter control
  • Train management
  • Wayside control
Part Number View Inventory
1-2823445-1 M12 D-M-4,CAT 5 RADOX 6.6MM,H&S
1-2823445-2 M12 D-M-4,CAT 5 RADOX 7.3MM,H&S
1-2823445-4 M12 D-M-4,CAT 7 RADOX 8.2MM,H&S
1-2823445-5 M12 D-M-4 CRIMP,CAT 5 RADOX
1-2823445-6 M12 D-M-4 CR.CAT 5 MEGALINE
1-2823445-7 M12 D-M-4 CRIMP,CAT 7 RADOX
1-2823445-8 CAT 5,6.7MM,BELDEN
1-2823445-9 M12 D-M-4 CRIMP,CAT 5 RADOX
1-2823446-1 M12 D-F-4,CAT 5 RADOX 6.6MM,H&S
1-2823446-2 M12 D-F-4 CRIMP ST CAT 5 RADOX
1-2823446-3 M12 D-F-4,CAT 5 RADOX 8.3MM,H&S
1-2823446-4 M12 D-F-4 CRIMP ST CAT 7 RADOX
1-2823446-5 M12 D-F-4 CRIMP ST CAT 5 RADOX
1-2823446-6 M12 D-F-4 CRI,CAT 5 MEGALINE
1-2823446-7 M12 D-F-4 CRIMP ST CAT 7 RADOX
1-2823446-8 6.7MM,BELDEN
1-2823446-9 M12 D-F-4 CRIMP,CAT 5 RADOX
1-2823447-1 M12 A-M-8 CRIMP ST ,CAT7 RADOX
1-2823447-2 M12 A-M-8,CAT7 BETATRANS C-FLEX
1-2823447-3 M12 A-M-8 CRI ST CAT 5 MEGALINE
1-2823447-4 M12 A-M-8 CRIMP ST CAT 7 RADOX
1-2823447-5 M12 A-CAT 5MEGALINE
1-2823447-6 M12 A-M-8 CR ST CAT 7 RADOX
1-2823448-1 M12 A-F-8 CRIMP ST,CAT7 RADOX
1-2823448-2 M12 A-F-8 CAT7 BETATRAN C-FLEX
1-2823448-3 M12 A-F-8 CRI ST CAT 5 MEGALINE
1-2823448-4 M12 A-F-8 CRIMP ST CAT 7 RADOX
1-2823448-5 M12 A-F-8 CRIMP ST CAT 7 RADOX
1-2823448-6 M12 A-F-8 ,CAT 7 RADOX
1-2823449-1 M12 A-M-5,CAT 5 RADOX 6.6MM,H&S
1-2823449-2 M12 A-M-5,CAT 5 RADOX 7.3MM,H&S
1-2823449-3 M12 A-M-5,CAT 5 RADOX 8.3MM,H&S
1-2823449-4 M12 A-M-8,CAT 5 RADOX 7.3MM,H&S
1-2823449-5 M12 A-M-8,CAT 5 RADOX 6.6MM,H&S
1-2823450-1 M12 A-F-5,CAT 5 RADOX 6.6MM,H&S
1-2823450-2 M12 A-F-5,CAT 5 RADOX 7.3MM,H&S
1-2823450-3 M12 A-F-5,CAT 5 RADOX 8.3MM,H&S
1-2823450-4 M12 A-F-8,CAT 5 RADOX 7.3MM,H&S
1-2823450-5 M12 A-F-8,CAT 5 RADOX 6.6MM,H&S



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