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New High Density Digital Isolators for Hazardous Locations

Weidmuller introduces the new ACT20X range of digital isolators, specifically developed for hazardous area applications. This range of intrinsic safety signal conditioners includes modules that can convert and isolate digital signals to and from hazardous areas, as well as versions that isolate and drive digital actuators. Only 22.5mm wide, these space-saving devices are part of Weidmuller's wide range of isolators and converters for process applications in hazardous areas.

Weidmuller ACT20XWeidmuller's ACT20X range includes two types of digital modules - Pulse Isolators and Actuator Drivers. Pulse Isolators accept digital inputs from field equipment within a hazardous area. These include Namur and relay status and frequency signals from flow, pressure or level switches, and proximity sensors for position or motor speed measurements. These Pulse Isolators create isolated outputs for safe area controls.

Actuator Drivers isolate a controller's digital outputs and drive solenoids actuators and alarm devices in the hazardous area. The limiting value of actuator current produced by the module depends on the hazardous Zone classification.

Each ACT20X module features an independent error alarm output for monitoring input signals and internal electronics. A dedicated, volt-free contact registers open/short circuits or internal errors for quick problem identification.

The DIN-rail mountable ACT20X offers a number of innovative features. The pluggable field connectors have a lever for easy removal and are individually coded to prevent miss-connection. In addition, the ACT20X modules are offered in single or two-channel forms, so as little as 11mm per channel of DIN-rail space is used.

The ACT20X range of digital isolators have Class 1, Div 2, Zone 0, and Zone 2 approvals with IECEx and ATEX certification, making them suitable for use in hazardous applications worldwide.


  • Intelligent connection system - Pluggable, coded, with release lever. The release lever simplifies maintenance and allows the disconnection without damaging the cables.
  • Robust - Wide ambient temperature range from -20 ℃ ... +60 ℃.
  • Alarm function - No laborious troubleshooting. Alarm function integrated for cable or sensor errors. In case of failures, a diagnostic signal is sent to the control system.
  • Worldwide application - Fulfils the strict standards and requirements of the process industry. Can be used worldwide due to international approvals ATEX, IECEX, FM, GOST and ship approval.
  • Configuration via FDT - All modules can be quickly and conveniently configured with manufacturer-independent FDT/DTM software.

See Also:

  • ACT20X Brochure (.pdf) for more product information, specifications, applications and ordering information.
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