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Solar Products by Commodity:

Cable Solutions
Alpha Wire
Amphenol Industrial
TE Connectivity

Cable Management

Combiner & Junction Boxes
TE Connectivity

Amphenol Industrial
Circuit Assembly
TE Connectivity

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Solar Labels
TE Connectivity




Solar Product Solutions

Heilind Electronics is a leading distributor of electronic components to industrial OEMs and contract manufacturers. Our warehouses have the industry's largest inventory of interconnect products from industry-leading manufacturers. Our high-quality products for the solar industry include the following:

  • Cable Solutions
  • Cable Management
  • Combiner Boxes
  • Junction Boxes
  • Couplers
  • Connectors
  • Grounding Products
  • Relays & Switches
  • Solar Labels



SOLARLOK Photovoltaic Interconnection Systems

TE Connectivity UL and TUV approved SOLARLOK product portfolio delivers a flexible solution for easy and reliable interconnections of solar thermal and photovoltaic applications, including crystalline modules, thin-film modules, shingle/tile, BIPV and the balance of system (BOS).


TE Connectivity SOLARLOK PV4 Connector

TE Connectivity's new SOLARLOK PV4 connector provides reliable solar connections for a wide range of applications. This connector solutions, which is easy to assemble and mateable with the with the typical connectors and tooling in the market, offers lower contact resistance compared to our standard line and thus maximizes the total power output.



The Micro SOLARLOK system consists of a miniature, low–profile junction box with integral leads. Designed for emerging space–efficient thin–film and roof–shingle photovoltaic applications, the junction box's low 9.3–mm height saves considerable space compared to the 15– to 20–mm heights common in the industry.


UL 1741-Listed, Five-String, Pre-Wired Combiner Box For Residential Use

The five-string combiner box offers 30-second, error-proof terminations through factory pre-wired TE SOLARLOK connectors, which have polarity keyed housings to help prevent mismating. Additionally, its light-weight, low-profile design, which includes four pre-drilled knock-out selections, offers installation flexibility in residential applications.


SOLARLOK Junction Box Assemblies

TE Connectivity introduces one of the smallest junction boxes in the Photovoltaic (PV) industry -- the SOLARLOK slim junction box. This 15.5 mm by 52 mm junction box distributes DC power to a solar panel in a convenient, compact design that minimizes visibility on the back of a panel.

A new four-rail compact medium junction box for terminating foils of a PV panel has recently been released by TE. Featuring an extremely low profile and a segmented solder area, this junction box saves potting material for the solar industry OEMs when connecting the foils on their solar panels.

The SOLARLOK straddle edge junction boxes are small profile, modular design junction boxes developed for BIPV (Building Integrated Photovoltaics) applications. These junction boxes can be mounted at the edge of the crystalline and thin film glass-glass solar panel modules. This series of products consists of junction boxes, plus socket connector, minus socket connector, end socket connector and cable assemblies.


SOLARLOK Locking Collar

The SOLARLOK locking collar connector accessory is applied to the fully mated cable coupler male and female connectors. This connector latch locking collar helps to prevent any access to the cable coupler release feature thus making accidental disconnects a thing of the past. In order to release the connector latch locking collar, a simple flathead screwdriver will need to be inserted into the screwdriver slot, lifted and slid back to expose the connector squeeze to release wings. This action will open the locking accessory and qualify as a “tooled extraction.”


Solar Identification Labels

TE Connectivity labels are designed to withstand harsh outdoor environments. The labels can be exposed to rain, intense sunlight, UV rays, snow, ice, cold temperature, sand, salt spray and condensation from fog. The solar labels meet the requirements of the IEC 61215 / IEC 61646. The Solar Rating Labels are designed to meet the industry needs by providing a white printable area to add important system information such as maximum system voltage and system current.


SolKlip Ground Clips

The TE Connectivity SolKlip grounding clip brings a new ground connection solution to the market by utilizing well-known insulation displacement technology. ... Termination times are measured in seconds using the pre-mounted TE SolKlip grounding clip, thereby saving time and reducing labor costs


SOLKLAMP Ground Bolt

These bolts are designed for solar module grounding applications using solid copper uninsulated 6 AWG to 12 AWG wire. The grounding assembly consists of a wire bolt (wire slot on one end and threaded post on the other), wire binding hex nut, and mounting hex washer nut. The grounding assembly is used with metal–framed photovoltaic (solar) panels and related products that require grounding for safety reasons.


Solar Relays

Photovoltaic solar energy systems consist of a PV-generator (solar modules) and a power inverter with a connection to the power line. The advantage of these systems is that the solar energy can be fed into the public power grid and energy can be taken out of the network if necessary. It is precisely at the feed-in interface to the power grid that electromechanical relays find their main application area. Safety measures require an automatic switching unit with circuit break function between the generating equipment and the feed-in point into the power grid. TE offers a variety of relays for your solar application needs.


Photovoltaic Balance of System Products

TE Connectivity SOLARKLOK product portfolio delivers a flexible solution for the interconnection of crystalline and thin-film modules used in rack mounted, shingle, tile or BIPV applications. Our growing presence in the PV industry is backed by our ability to provide innovative, extensive, and high-quality products that are designed to meet your individual needs. We can provide you with solutions ranging from ultra-low profile or high temperature-rated junction boxes to specialized interconnects.


Component Solutions for Solar Applications

SOLARLOK products deliver a flexible system solution for easy and dependable interconnections from photovoltaic modules to the DC/AC converter. The entire system concept is based on cost-effective and quality processing of individual interconnection system components. This significantly reduces installation costs of the solar energy system.


Kilovac Contactor

200A or 500A version
Typically used as main relay, accessory relay or high speed pre-charge relay for solar combiner/inverter application


PCFN Solar Relay

1 pole 26A, 1 form A (NO) contact , 1.8mm contact gap
Designed specifically for solar inverters and charging stations
VDE REG.-Nr.A951, UL 508


T9S Relay

1 pole 35A, 1 form A (NO) contact
12 VDC coil voltage
Designed specifically for solar inverters
UL E22575


Solarlok Ground Bolt

Stainless steel hardware
6-12 AWG
#8-32UNC or #10-32 UNF
UL 467


Solarlok Grounding Clip

High conductivity copper contact with steel screw to avoid electro corrosion
Accomodates 10-12 AWG ground wire
Thread cutting or screw and nut mounting option
UL 467


Solar Cable

USE-2 type (North American installs)
Available in 10, 12 and 14 AWG
600 VDC rated
UL approved


PV Solar Labels

A complete offering of preprinted and thermal transfer labels
Meet NEC & IFC standards for printed text, character height, color and outdoor UV stability
Excellent durability in UV, rain, humidity, cold and salt spray
Identification and rating labels available



SolarSpec™ Junction Box and Cable Assemblies

Innovative SolarSpec™ products from Molex deliver superior quality, low-cost solutions to the solar market and deliver value to module manufacturers, installers and distributors.


SolarSpec™ DC Connectors

Rugged and durable, IP67-sealed, SolarSpec™ DC connectors feature simple snap-lock mating and an internal locking mechanism for superior safety. They are designed for direct connection to solar junction boxes, field installations and PV grid wiring and deliver quality and value to module manufacturers, installers and distributors.


SolarSpec™ DC Cable Assemblies

The 4.00mm² (12AWG) SolarSpec™ DC cable assemblies are available for use in serial and parallel solar applications. The range includes single-ended cordsets for use with solar junction boxes and double-ended configurations for array and field installations. The specified cables are double-insulated, electron beam cross-linked to ensure long life cycles and to meet the demands of harsh, outdoor solar applications. Molex SolarSpec™ DC cable assemblies are designed to connect to other products in the SolarSpec™ range.



Helios HelioFuse

Amphenol Industrial offers a molded in-line fuse that helps to protect photovoltaic systems from ground fault current damage. This new fuse was developed to address the need for a cost-effective solution to ground fault protection in PV systems without the need for a combiner box that houses the solar panel's fuse links.

HelioLug Grounding Lug

Amphenol Industrial introduces the HelioLug, the first grounding lug that meets the solar industry’s specific UL 2703 certification. The new lug is used by solar integrators, installers and EPC firms for grounding solar modules in residential, commercial and utility solar projects.

Helios H4 Connector

Amphenol Industrial Operations (AIO) offers products and solutions for all segments of the solar electric system. AIO understands the need for efficient (low loss) power transfer, highly reliable, and cost effective solutions that are required to be competitive in this industry. We can provide panel manufacturers, installers, and OEM's with connectivity products for both thin film and crystalline silicon technologies. Amphenol has a broad range of technologies to help minimize the cost of inverters and power conditioners. Amphenol Industrial can help you power the planet with the sun. The Helios H4 connector is just one of the solar connector solutions Amphenol Industrial has to offer.


Helios Power Link Solar Cable

Designed for maximum efficiency & durability, our high performance double insulated PV cable meets UL4703 and TUV 2 PfG 1169. Fine stranded, tin plated copper conductor, cross-linked high temperature polymer jackets


Helios Over-Molded Trunk, Drop And Whip Cable Assemblies

Available in Y, X, T, and R configurations
TUV and UL certified
Designed for plug and play solar installs in harsh environments
IP68 rated


Helios H4 Pv Cable Connectors & Bulkhead Connectors

Available in Stamped & Formed or Machine Contacts
Available in 14AWG, 12AWG, 10AWG, 8AWG
Fully intermateable with industry standards
Rated 1000V UL, 1500V TUV
IP 68 rated, audible snap-in lock feature


Heliolug Part # Hglui

First UL 2703 certified grounding component
Comes complete with SS hardware
Approved for maximum system voltage of 1000V
Accommodates 12-4 AWG bare copper wire


Tool Kit Part # H4TK0000

Waterproof case with foam inserts Includes: Hand crimper, die and locator for both machined and S&F contacts, Cable cutter, cable stripper, Unlock tool, wrench tool, socket for cable gland, Socket for bulkhead gland, assorted contacts


Powerlink PV Cable

PV rated wire UL 4703, XLP insulator
Available in 8, 10, 12 and 14AWG
Colors: Black, Red, White


Inline And Over-Molded Diode And Fuse

IP 68 rated
Cable range: 14AWG – 8AWG
Voltage rating: 1500V max for diode
Surge rating: 600V max for fuse
Connector options: M-M, M-F, F-F


Alpha Wire Product News  

Solar Power Wire and Cable

Alpha offers photovoltaic wire that meets UL 4703 (PV Wire), as well as a line that meets both UL 4703 and TUV 2 PFG 1169 (PVT wire), in gauges ranging from 2 to 14. Solar cables are available in 3 to 9 conductors, 12 to 18 AWG, shielded or unshielded. TC-ER and MTW-rated cables feature a tough and abrasion-resistant jacket to provide robust performance for years. Designed specifically for solar inverters and similar applications, Alpha solar cables are an ideal choice for any solar farm.



Omron Electronic Components LLC provides a variety of advanced switching and sensing component solutions for the Solar Power Industry. Whether you are designing for the Consumer electronics, Mobile Power, Residential or Commercial Markets, Omron has a solution for you. Through a mix of manufacturing and technological skills Omron makes reliable, replicable electromechanical components. Providing global and local networks of technical and sales support from design through delivery.



PAN-STEEL® Self-Locking Stainless Steel Cable Ties

Panduit's self-locking stainless steel cable ties are designed for use in critical applications where strength, vibration, radiation, weathering, corrosion and temperature extremes are a factor. A revolutionary new locking head design delivers the highest-rated loop tensile strength and tightest clamping of any tie in the world. The PAN-STEEL® System provides a strong, durable method of bundling, identifying and fastening for the most severe environmental applications including direct burial.


Abrasion Protection

Economical /easy way to insulate, protect, bundle and color-code components and cables
Available in a wide variety of sizes, for indoor and outdoor applications
Designed to endure harsh conditions, including UV exposure
UL recognized


Mechanical Power And Grounding Connectors

Designed to accept a wide range of wire gauges
Functional product information is clearly marked on each connector
High strength, high conductivity electrolytic alloys provide optimum connectivity in power and grounding applications
UL Listed and CSA Certified for use up to 600V and UL temperature rated to 90°C


Braided Bonding Straps

Made of high conductivity copper and tin-plated to inhibit corrosion
Seamless ferrule ends provide mechanical strength for improved reliability
UL 467 Listed and CSA Certified
# 4 awg copper conductor size, with 3/8" stud hole size


Identification And Safety

Panduit identification solutions include solar labels, wire/cable marking, Safety identification, warning labels, Electrical hazard labels and much more Pre-printed and Print on Demand solar rating labels and Identification labels available Endure harsh conditions, including the UV exposure in PV applications Meets NEC/ IFC standards – 2011 & 2014


Grounding Connectors

Part of a complete offering for power and grounding applications in harsh environments Allows for quick installation.
Available in Aluminum or Copper with corrosion-resistant tin plating and stainless steel screws
UL 486A-486B and UL 467 Listed


Power Connectors

Easy wire entry (beveled entry ports)
Inspection windows (ensure proper wire depth)
Compression lugs offered in copper and aluminum conductor sizes #14 AWG- 1000 Kcmil
UL Listed and CSA Certified to assure high quality, reliable crimps



High quality Reliable crimping, bundling, cutting tools
Ergonomically designed to minimize operator effort
Provides speed in installation and maximizes productivity
Reduces the risk of downtime with quality tools


UV Cable Ties And Clips

Panduit offers a full range of weather resistant cable ties and clips in various materials including Nylon 6.6, Nylon 12, Polypropylene, and Acetal
These materials provide greater resistance to damage caused by ultraviolet light



UL-Type PV Solar Cables

PV solar cables are UL Type PV approved for use in grounded and ungrounded photovoltaic power systems. Belden Solar Cables link together the solar panels found on solar farms, making the cables key to the transmission of electric energy from the solar panels to the transformers at the local energy storage substation and ultimately to the power grid and its commercial and residential electricity users.


American Zettler Product News

Relays targeting the Solar Energy Market

The relays are designed to be used in high power sources such as power amplifiers, solar inverters, wind inverters and any application requiring high loads to be switched and carried. Below are the feature highlights for each of the new solar energy market relays.



HellermannTyton Solar Solutions

HellermannTyton offers numerous solar products, including edge Clip and UV stabilized cable tie assemblies, cable ties with fir tree mount, pre-printed installation labels and continuous vinyl labels.


Special Material Cable Ties

Specially designed for the solar industry
HellermannTyton offers a wide range of cable ties that are made of UV stabilized materials
Available materials: PA66UV, PA66HIRHSUV, PA11, PA12, Acetal, and Stainless Steel


Edge Clip And UV Stabilized Cable Tie Assemblies

Edge Clips secure cables to available frame or PV module edge
Available in 1-3mm or 3-6mm sizes
Eliminates the need for pre-drilled holes
Multiple bundle widths with parallel or perpendicular orientations are available
Edge clips secure easily but have high extraction force



Designed for use on frames with pre drilled .2-.28 mm mounting holes
Unique Fir Tree mount provides low insertion force and high extraction force
Holds one PV cable
Manufactured of impact modified polyamide 6.6 material


TT230SMC Printer

300dpi thermal transfer printer is ideal for small to medium volume applications
Ethernet ready with integral cutter for use with continuous vinyl label rolls
Print speeds up to 3" per second
Easy set up and loading without adjustment


Continuous Vinyl Labels

Available in white, yellow, orange, red and black in 1" and 2" widths
Reflective continuous Red vinyl available to conform to NEC requirements
UL969 Certified
Allows user to print labels “on demand” and cut to size


Preprinted Labels

Meets the requirements of UL 969 and are compliant to NEC 2014
Special adhesive for use on both enamel and powder coat paint surfaces
Offering includes warning, caution, rating, signal, panel, raceway, combiner, inverter, and disconnect labels


Safety Labels

UL969 certified
A line of the most commonly used regulatory sign colors in various formats
UV stable white Polyester with clear polyester laminate


Tagprint® Xpress Solar Mobile App

Prints NEC 2014 labels wirelessly
NEC code reference tool helps ensure passed inspections
Makes printing faster and easier with multiple printers


Heyco Solar Brochure


Heyco HEYClip™ MaxRunner™ Cable Clip Array

The versatile stainless steel mounting clip is designed to secure the holder to a wide variety of aluminum extruded mounting frames of various thicknesses and profiles up to .250" (6,4 mm) thick. The injection molded wire holder has a V0 flame rating and a UV (f1) rating for excellent resistance to outdoor exposure. Molded internal locking tabs securely hold the cables in place preventing side-to-side movement or slippage of the cables.


Heyco SunRunner™ Cable Clip and SunBundler™ Cable Ties

Heyco SunRunner clips are designed to provide a better method for PV module wire management and may be used wherever single or multiple cable management is needed. SunBundler Cable ties are designed for fastening and securing objects such as bundles of wire together. The extremely durable UV protected vinyl jacket prevents damage to installation cable insulation and is excellent where product durability is required.


Solar Masthead Cord Grips

Less expensive, easier to install, and more attractive than rooftop combiner boxes, Heyco’s Masthead Cordgrips are threaded into an adapter, allowing the cordgrips to be attached directly to rigid (PVC) or EMT type conduit. Constructed of UV resistant nylon with a TPE or Buna N sealing gland, Masthead cordgrips provide a watertight seal for PV module output leads to inverters. No disassembly is required for installation and generous wrenching flats and NPT threads permit easy assembly into schedule 40 fittings.


Junction Boxes

Specifically designed for manufacturers of single diode, double ribbon photovoltaic panels, PVB-101 boxes feature a low profile design that maximizes usable solar panel collector space and low insertion force connectors, making panel connections easy and less costly to install. PVB-101 boxes are the highest performing axial diode on the market for single diode box applications.


Heyco® Sunwrap™ - Polyethylene

Absorbs vibration, insulates cables, and resists abrasion
Multiple size bundles from .125" (3,2 mm) to 7" (177,8 mm) diameters
Available in UV black or natural color


Heyco® Sunbundler® Stainless Steel Cable Ties

Extremely durable, vinyl jacketed Aircraft Grade Stainless Steel Cable Tie
Smooth vinyl jacketing prevents damage to cable insulation
Stainless steel crimp sleeve for easy field installation with linesman pliers, or wire cutters
UV protected vinyl jacket is excellent for solar installation


Heyco Grounding Solutions

Copper LugRunner: accommodates 4-12 awg wire, UL/CSA approved for direct burial
Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
SunJumpers: 6 AWG tinned copper braided wire, .250" mounting hole diameter at both ends, terminals accept a #10 screw.
Sunstars: Stainless steel design creates bond between PV module and racking system
UL Recognized to UL Standard 2703, Extrusions symmetrically opposed for maximum strength


Heyco® Sunscreener® Wire Mesh Clip & Heyco® Sunscreen™ Wire Mesh

Protects solar panels and wires from rodents and nesting birds
Constructed from 303/304 Stainless Steel for maximum endurance to outdoor elements
Stainless Steel J-hook attaches to the panel frames and the washer holds the Sunscreen to the module


Heyco-Flex Iii Liquid Tight Tubing

UV rated corrugated tubing for trade sizes 3/8" through 1"
Rated for NEMA 4 and 4x applications when used with Heyco-Flex III Liquid Tight Fittings
Maximum flexibility for extremely tight quarters






Richco offers a wide array of innovative hardware including card guides & pullers, PCB hardware, grommets & bushings, cable ties & wiring accessories, and rivets to meet the specific needs of alternative energy designers, manufacturers and installers. Richco is continuously developing new materials and manufacturing technologies to meet the challenging requirements of the renewable energies industry.



SOURIAU is a global manufacturer of interconnect solutions for demanding utility and industrial scale solar applications where intense UV and exposure to harsh environments dictate more sophisticated connector solutions. SOURIAU connectors are used in conjunction with tracking systems that allow for maximum efficiency. Worry-free Interconnect Solutions for: CSP & CPV Solar Energy Generating Systems (Utility & Industrial Scale), Heliostat Drive Motors and Systems, Single and Dual-Axis Tracking Systems, Solar Field Integrated Control Systems, Portable Energy Systems and Equipment, Communications Infrastructure, Power Distribution and Control.


UTL – UL/IEC Power & Signal Plastic Connector

Power: 600V AC/DC and 16A (Rated by UL & VDE)
Signal: Compatible with RS-485
Quick installation with unique Push-Pull thumb latch connection
Extreme Outdoor and Waterproof sealing: IP68/69K mated & unmated
UV resistant (F1 rating per UL746C)
Corrosion immune: Salt spray: = 1000H
Safe disconnect under power load


Clipper – Versatile, Rugged & Waterproof Plastic Connector

Affordable Plastic Connector with ½ turn connection
Extreme Outdoor and Waterproof sealing: IP68/69K mated & unmated
Size 16 AWG Contact w/crimp barrel which can accept 12 AWG wire
UV Resistant and UL/IEC Compliant


UTS – Indoor/Outdoor Waterproof Plastic Connector

Popular Plastic Connector with Rapid 1/3 turn connection
Extreme Outdoor and Waterproof sealing: Dynamic IP68/69K mated & unmated
UV Resistant and UL/IEC Compliant
Now available with secondary lock feature, requires screw driver to un-mate connectors


UTO – Robust Metal & Shielded Connector

Shielded Metal Connector with Rapid 1/3 turn connection
Extreme Outdoor and Waterproof sealing: Dynamic IP68/69K
UL Compliant
Corrosion & Salt Spray Resistant


Flexible Conduit FI Ttings For UTS & UT0 Plugs

Combination of easy-to-use and reliable solution for discrete wire protection
Waterproof IP67/IP68/IP69K & UV resistant making it ideal for outdoor applications
Compatible with market standard and designed for NW conduit profile
Ergonomic design Easy handling
Conduit locking mechanism making it easy to install
Halogen free Environmentally friendly



WAGO offers a wide portfolio of products that can help increase the performance of solar applications. The WAGO I/O system is a compact, modular and flexible control system that has proven reliability. WAGO's automation and interconnection technology's offer reliable solutions for photovoltaic and concentrated solar applications.


828 Series Panel-Feed Through Terminal Block

40A, 600V
16 – 6 AWG wire range
Tool-less installation into the panel cutout AND tool-less termination
Reliable, maintenance-free, easy solution for wiring through panel/enclosure walls


811 Series Fuse Holder

30A, 600 V AC/DC Class CC and midget fuse holder
30A, 1000 V DC photovoltaic fuse holder
Available in multi-pole configuration and with indication
14 – 6 AWG wire range
Reliable, maintenance free wiring for fusing needs in solar combiner boxes


2706 & 2716 Series High Current Pcb Terminal Blocks

30A - 65A, 600V
20 - 6 AWG wire range
7.5mm, 10mm, 12.5mm, and 15mm pin spacing options
Jumper-able options available
Reliable, maintenance-free, easy wiring for power electronics application


857 Series Tranducer, Relay, And Optocoupler Modules

Industries most compact 6mm width maximizing panel space
Flexible jumpering system eliminates redundant wiring
Configurable modules increase flexibility and reduce inventory/part numbers
Safe operation with three-way isolation (2.5kV)
CAGE CLAMP®S termination technology


862 Series Cost Effective Terminal Blocks For Chassis Mounting

CAGE CLAMP®S termination technology allows solid or stranded conductor
Connects up to 4 conductors sized 0.5 mm² to 4 mm² (AWG 20–12) per potential
Snap-in mounting feet for fast assembly
Built-in test points simplify testing with 2 mm ø test plug


222 Series Lever-Nuts, Compact Splicing Connectors

For all connections requiring stranded or solid conductors
Accommodates a wide range of wire sizes from 12-28 AWG, available in 2,3, and 5 pole configurations
Low installed cost and safe operation with built in test point
A reusable connector


2006 Series – Feed-Through And Disconnect Terminal Blocks For 1,000V Applications

Perfectly suited for applications with high cutoff voltages
Safe disconnect function at voltages up to 1500 V DC
Accommodates 20 – 8 AWG
Rated 30 A at 1,000 V (UL pending)



Weidmüller Solar Solutions

Weidmüller is the leading provider of solutions for electrical connectivity, transmission, conditioning and processing of power, signals and data in industrial environments. The company develops, produces and sells products in the field of electrical connectivity, functional electronics and communication electronics. Weidmüller began working with solar energy technology early on and now produces a wide range of products for the safe and reliable operation of photovoltaic and solar thermal systems.


Combiner Boxes For Dc

Custom Engineered Solutions
Perfect for utility and large commercial projects
8~48 Strings, 1000 V DC
ETL, UL, CSA agency approvals


Surge (Overvoltage) Protection

Pluggable varistors
Rated up to 1000 VDC
With alarm contacts
UL 1449 3rd Edition


Fuse Holders & Terminals

1000V rated up to 20 A
With and without LED versions -50°C to 120°C operating temp
Pivoting retainers


Wireless Communications

For monitoring and control
Meshing (self-healing) networks
900Mhz, 2.4Ghz, & 5.8Ghz bands
Ethernet and direct I/O connections


Power Supplies

For current monitoring and network devices
0.5A ~ 40 A, single and 3-phase units
UL and CSA agency approvals
Capacitor and Diode (redundancy) modules


Industrial Ethernet

Managed and unmanaged switches
Media Converters (fiber and serial)
Gigabit Routers with 3G/UMTS communication
Field installable RJ45 connectors


Precision Tools & Ferrules

Wide range of UL listed ferrules
Industiral grade cutters, strippers & crimpers
Single tool for cutting and stripping solar cables
Full range of 1000V rated hand tools



Wiley Solar Solutions

WILEY is most widely recognized for the invention of the WEEB (Washer, Electrical Equipment Bond). WILEY is dedicated to developing and providing innovative, high-quality solutions that revolutionize the solar industry. The WILEY engineers work closely with solar manufacturers and installers to develop products that address the evolving needs of the PV industry in bonding, grounding, and wire management. These products enable customers to install PV systems safely, efficiently, and cost effectively. BURNDY now offers the complete line of WILEY's unique solutions for Balance of System components for photovoltaic applications.

Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3


Cable Clips

Constructed of corrosion resistant 304 stainless steel
Designed for 1, 2 or 4 wires. Rt. angle clip accommodates 2 wires
Special tab for easy installation & removal
Designed to prevent damage to cable insulation
Custom designs are available


Ace Conduit Entry Box

Makes transitions from USE-2 or PV array wire to conduit protected THWN-2 wire simple
UV resistant & NEMA 3R rated enclosure
Compatible with any conduit type
Convenient side and bottom conduit drill out allow for easy conduit routing


Grounding Straps

Tin plated, braided copper wire available with or without a WEEB®TM
Available assembled & unassembled, and with and without hardware
Listed to ANSI/UL 467
Able to sustain equivalent current to 6AWG copper wire (1530A for 6 seconds)
Custom sizes are available


Grounding Lugs

Tin plated, copper lug available with or without a WEEB®TM
Low profile design allows for quick and easy installation
Available assembled & unassembled
Accommodates one 14 AWG to 6 AWG or two 10 AWG, two 12 AWG
Recognized to UL 2703
Custom designs are available


WEEB®TM, Washer Electrical Equipment Bond

Bonds solar PV modules to mounting structures & creates an electrical path to ground
Greatly reduces the amount of labor and materials used in installations
Constructed of corrosion resistant 304 stainless steel
Listed to ANSI/UL 467
Recognized to UL 2703
Custom designs are available



Circuit Assembly

As a leader of interconnect technology, Circuit Assembly takes pride in producing a wide range of solar connectors. Circuit Assembly has a dedicated approach to solar research, development and manufacturing, specializing in the production of leading-edge solar connectors and cable assemblies. Our connectors have been tested, approved and endorsed by top solar industries, and we guarantee 100% customer satisfaction with our products.




Rennsteig Tools, Inc. is an industry leader for high-quality hand tools for professional users. Rennsteig tools are used in many industries, including; Automotive, Aerospace, Solar Energy, Industrial, and the Construction Industry, or wherever electrical connections need to be reliable, durable, and fast. We also design and manufacture special tools for working with optical fiber.

For 30 years RENNSTEIG has been manufacturing tools to the highest standards anywhere. Our top of the line tools are designed for maximum performance, ease of use and long life. In addition to our standard product line, we offer custom design tooling especially for OEM's.



General Cable

General Cable is your renewable energy cable partner. As demand drives investment in renewable wind, solar and hydroelectric energy sources, General Cable is there, a pioneer and trusted provider.

Many types of wire and cable are used to address the requirements of solar power generation, transmission and distribution. With our extensive line of low-, medium-, high- and extra-high voltage cable products, General Cable offers a complete solar energy solution.


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